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Full Speed Ahead #1: Damn the Torpedoes!



The first three episodes of the famous adult-oriented Star Trek fanfiction series!

(Rated MA) Stardate 43222: An odd couple work feverishly to modify the navigational deflector of the recently refitted Nebula-class starship, USS Farragut.  Their goal known only to themselves, they finish their task and retreat to stow away aboard the ship, shortly before its relaunch into active service.

After fifteen years of exemplary service to Starfleet, newly-promoted Captain Krystine Leone is being ferried to her new command: the USS Farragut.  She has assembled a crew of hand-picked officers; some of them old shipmates, some she has yet to meet.  Captain Leone's first assignment as the new commanding officer is to take her ship out of the dry-dock and perform warp trials and system tests.

Once the tests begin, the navigational deflector begins to emit a quantum field that extraordinarily propels the ship.  Now on the other side of the galaxy, Captain Leone and her crew must now face a new test: survive the wrath of the Tristnor Hegemony and find a way home!
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Just recently discovered - and started reading this series. These stories are BRILLIANT! Can't wait to read more. Cheers!