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Simon Says - Stop Spamming Holy (FFXIV)

Simon Says:  Stop Spamming Holy (Warning:  Very minor spoilers for the level 71 dungeon)  My name is Simon Drummon...please no comments about my surname...and I'm a Lalafell.  That, or Dwarf...if you're in the First Shard.  I have short auburn hair and blue eyes, and though I'm embarrassed to admit it, a spattering of freckles. I'm sort of a "jack of all trades"...and by "trades", I mean Jobs. I don't even remember what I started as, but I picked up White Mage, Paladin, Warrior, and Red Mage easily.  Also have had a good time with Dragoon, Ninja, and Machinist. So, I tinker here...heal there...tank now and then... "Been there, done that

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Code Lyoko Theories - S2E35

Code Lyoko Theories:  S2E35, "The Chips are Down" "The Chips are Down", or episode 35 (season 2) of Code Lyoko is one of the episodes I typically dislike the most because it doesn't make sense in terms of the group dynamics (as the rest of the group made mistakes in the past, and make mistakes later on which are just as dangerous - such as the incident in episode 38 with Jeremie constantly launching Return trips unnecessarily). None of them were ever kicked out of the group for their mistakes...but I digress.  There's an even bigger mistake in this episode, worse than repeated footage or inconsistency within the group dynamics. Now, whenev

Code Lyoko

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