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AuTalkz II - 007 - Numbers



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Obviously still experimenting with how I want to color it...I might go with either this (as I like the effect), or just solid colors.

I don't know if this is an autism thing, but in speaking with some other people on the spectrum, I found that they also see numbers like this.

Now, it's quite possible that I have an undiagnosed learning disorder in math (dyscalculia) which could contribute, as math has always been my worst subject...and not for a lack of trying (see last issue for full explanation on that).  Geometry proofs and math word problems have always been the worst out of all the trouble I've had.

I count differently, however.  I either still use my fingers, or when I have the numbers in front of me, I use this method.  Each number has a "key counting point" up to the number "5".  After that, it's exactly as I said in the comic...I count them as dots like they're on dice, and just add dots as needed to get the correct number (for 7-9).

This comic is pretty self-explanatory, so I don't feel I need a long description here.  This is how I see numbers; I don't know if it's part of autism or just how I am in math (I'm actually interested if anyone who has dyscalculia reads this, and if those folks see numbers in this way).

I can get some pretty boggle-eyed looks when I try to explain how I see numbers...either because it'd difficult to explain without visuals, or because it's different.  XD

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Just one step away from Matchstick multiplication.