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How to avoid supporting AI art: Telltale Signs by driftwoodwolf, journal

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Deviation Spotlight

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  • July 8, 1983
  • United States
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My Bio

This is an AI-free gallery!

I do not use AI, and I also do not give permission for any AI program to use my art.


My name is Nikki, though you can also call me "Kairy".

I'm an adult (according to the numbers, at least), and I have ASD (autism).

I don't need to be "cured", I'm not an idiot, and I'm not dangerous. In fact, I like helping people! I also am pretty big on raising autism awareness.

I may not be good at public speaking, but I can talk through my drawings (and writing).

I'm also asexual, aromantic, and possibly genderfluid...I'm still figuring it out. But, meh...those are just tiny things.

Anyways, I've been drawing for over 20 years, now, and I'm completely self-taught except for about 1-2 months of college Photoshop class (which I nearly failed miserably, to be perfectly honest).

I like getting comments on my artwork; and though I might not reply to all of them, I do read them. ^^

Nice to meet you!!

Personal Quote

"I'd rather be called weird a million times over than called homogeneous even once."

Other Media/Sites


Anime Planet

Fanfiction dot Net


Favorite Quote(s)

"Love people for who they are, instead of judging them for what they're not."

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin & Hobbes)

"Two things in this world are infinite; the universe and human stupidity…and I’m not too sure about the universe." (Albert Einstein)

"Just cause you are divided by an LCD screen, 10000miles of copper wire, and 20 feet of radio waves, it doesn't mean you have an excuse to be rude."

Favourite Visual Artist
Bill Watterson
Favourite Movies
Detective Conan 10 & 14, Tokyo Godfathers, Digimon Diaboromon Strikes Back
Favourite TV Shows
Lucifer, The Good Place, Bluey
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Josh Groban, Simple Plan, Bon Jovi, Green Day
Favourite Books
Slayers (light novel), The Final Problem (Sherlock Holmes), Dragonlance (Seasons trilogy), Guards! Guards! (Discworld)
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy (9, Tactics, XIV), Pathfinder/D&D, Pokemon
Favourite Gaming Platform
3ds, Switch, PC
Tools of the Trade
Imagination, sketchbook, mechanical pencil, Android tablet, PC
Other Interests
Video game creation (dev), anime, rock climbing

Rules Redux

4 min read
After having to ban a couple people over attempts to spread (debunked) propaganda and harassing another watcher in the comments, I want to go over the rules for my page again since apparently it's too difficult for some people to be decent human beings: High Offenses: Instant Banhammer -Please do not spread Misinformation; --while freedom of speech exists, I do not pander to conspiracy theorists on real world issues (especially related to vaccines due to the fact that some people still believe it can cause autism); my page is not the place to blame vampires for global warming...or whatever crazy, debunked, false narratives folks get into down the rabbit hole. The only tinfoil hat theories allowed here are silly ones relating to games/anime/other fictional work. -Please do not Harass/threaten my other watchers (or me); --there's no need to be a bully or a jerk; please be kind and respectful even if you disagree with someone. Debate is fine, but being toxic is not. If you are being
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Okay, apparently reading comprehension is a difficult skill, so let me spell it out: FROM NOW ON, ANYONE WHO POSTS ON MY PAGE/DEVIATIONS/COMMENTS ATTEMPTING TO CONVERT ME TO CHRISTIANITY (as you folks are literally the only ones who do this) WILL NOT ONLY BE PERMA-BANNED FROM MY PAGE BUT I WILL REPORT YOU FOR HARASSMENT. Let me repeat: I WILL REPORT YOU FOR HARASSMENT IF YOU ATTEMPT TO CONVERT ME TO YOUR RELIGION!! I don't mind religious discussion, but don't tell me I need to be "healed", or I need Christ/God. If you believe in that stuff, then good on you; and that's perfectly fine so long as you aren't using it as an excuse to hurt people. I don't mind if you're Christian, or if you worship the flying spaghetti monster, as long as you're not an asshole who attempts to convince me that your beliefs are the "correct" ones or that I "need" them. STOP
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Game Programming is driving me up the wall...but so are comments from people who obviously do not read the rules on my DA page, which I have freaking PINNED TO THE TOP. DO NOT POST LINKS!! And as for the odd increase in Christians who push to convert, I quote: "My dear, religion is like a penis. It's fine to have it, and it's fine to be proud of it...but don't whip it out in public and start waving it around." Ya know, NO OTHER religion has done this to me. Only Christians. I know there's a rise of Christo-fascism, but everyone who has tried to convert me has claimed "oh, I'm not one of them"...uh huh. Sure. You keep telling yourself that as you shove your religion in my face, typically as a justification for controlling women and attempting to erase LGBTQ+ people. I'll never convince you that those people deserve to live and have rights just as much as you'll never convince me that God is real with due to all the shit I've had to struggle with in life.
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Comment Flagged as Spam

I really hope that you aren't threatening me. Also, as I stated before (and now I have to go fishing for the comment), links to outside sites are NOT ALLOWED on my page.

Nor is trying to convert me, or anyone else, to your religion.

Nobody asked for that, and nobody wants to see that. You are now banned from my page. Please do not come back.

Hello! Are you an anime/manga fan? Are you a fan of Super Smash Bros.?

Anime/manga, yup! SSB, not as much because I haven't really been able to play it past the first game due to not being able to afford the proper console for it.

Check this out...

Champions Of Action: World Rumble R

An anime/manga equivalent of Super Smash Bros. that I've been working on for about three years now.

Heyo, and thank you for the awesome art of Kairy!