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It was a sunny day, with a cool air from the cusp of the approaching Autumn. The area was quiet, quaint, filled by an American suburbia town. A lush dense forest surrounded the town, the only break being for the single road in and out. If you walked up the main street, you would be right to think it was a ghost town, with thick layers of dust in most of the store windows.

Moving ourselves away from the centre, we find ourselves watching a strange scene. Behind the dry goods store, a man and a woman are waiting. A large furry pile is next to them, of indistinguishable purpose. We hear snippets of conversation and see the woman has a radio, chittering away. As we watch, we notice that radio crackling is coming from different parts of the town. It seems to be less of a ghost town than we thought. Perhaps we should follow them, see what’s going on.


“Okay Eve, everything’s ready, exits are sealed. You may begin”

“Thanks John”

Eve turned to the man next to her, smiling.

“This is exciting, I’ve always wanted to do something like this”

The man picked up the pile, loose folds of... something… falling sideways.

“I’m looking forward to the looks on everyone’s faces!”

“Well, when faced with that, anyone would wet themselves a little. Even you, my dear brave Mark”

They stood grinning at each other for a second or two, before a quick kiss, then down to business. Mark laid the pile on the ground, revealing the object. It was grey in colour, with silver glints through the fur. It was big, a beast of a thing. The legs were long, shaped like a dog’s. The arms ended in bear sized hands, long claws adorning each finger. The head was canine, a long muzzle of sharp teeth, thick rubbery lips. The eyes had a piercing quality, as if to look through your soul. The ears were typical of a wolf. The chest was well defined, muscular and breasted. Further down, a tight pussy was proudly on show. The tail was as long as the legs, bushy and light.
The two humans stripped naked, grinning madly the whole time. Once naked, Eve reached between the shoulder blades, pulling a zipper to reveal the interior of a werewolf suit, a smooth red rubber lining. Mark climbed in, Eve keeping the seam open. As he wiggled in, it was clear that the suit was too big for him. His feet found their way down to the knees of the suit with his head in the chest. Eve clambered on top, her breasts squashing flat Marks hair. She snaked her arms into the suits, her head into the beast’s thick neck

“Ready down there?”

Turning his head, he gave her breasts a gentle lick before replying

“Yeah. I’ll get the zip”

He reached back, hand trembling in anticipation. The zip climbed up slowly, building tension. When it did reach the top, a click came from it. A second passed before anything happened. The suit stated to tremble slightly, groaning and gurgling noises coming from it. The muscles under the skin started contracting, arms and legs moving. The great beasts head suddenly jolted up, tongue flying out. The eyes rolled up, drool coming from the mouth, before returning to normal, blinking a few times. Lower down, the pussy was leaking, a gentle stream. It rolled itself into a ball hugging its legs with its arms. Unfurling, the tail began to wag slowly, as the hands explored the chest, one travelling upwards, caressing the muzzle, feeling the gums and the ears. The other hand had naughtier ideas, feeling around till it met the pussy. Using two fingers, it prized open the lips, letting a little wave of fluid out. Slowly, with much care and attention, the hand meandered in. The tail shot up and the beasts eyes went wide. It looked down and found one hand already wrist deep, touching and feeling around. Using its free hand, the beast massaged its chest, the corners of its lips twitching in pleasure. Having got a reaction, the hand inside started to massage the walls of the vagina, getting the beast even more excited. As the hand deep in the pussy sped up, so did the one feeling up the chest. Reaching a frantic pace, drool began to flow freely from the wide mouth and the tail was in danger of falling off from the wagging. Finally, the hands stopped, eyes closing. The hand inside pulled out, a small geyser of cum following after it. As the werewolf lay in its rapidly expanding puddle of drool and cum, the two minds that made up the werewolf finally came down off the high enough to start talking,

-That…was intense-

-It was different. I’ve had a vagina before, but it felt…different this time-

-I loved it, this is going to be so much fun!-

The werewolf sat itself up, watching the cum and drool makes strings between its body and the floor.

-What should we be called? We need a name-

-How about Wally? Wanda? Snickerdoodle the Third?-

-Stupid name. But cute. Wanda we are then-

Wanda smiled, lifting herself from the ground, powerful hind legs taking the weight. As she rose, she lost balance for a moment, adjusting to 8 feet of new body. Looking down at herself, she spoke; “Me…. Wanda”

Inside they both giggled, realising the suit didn’t come with much vocabulary. Not letting that stop her, Wanda began stretching, loosening up, while a pleasant stimulation happening in the background.


Wanda started off, but she felt a spring and on impulse tensed her legs and jumped. They weren’t sure which one had decided to jump. But they both felt that rush of air and slight worry about the landing. Instinct took over and she rolled on landing, springing up ready. As she recovered, a smell wafted over. Inspecting, it was the smell of a man. Grinning evilly, Wanda set forth to find her first victim.


Ken was walking down a quaint street in the town, colourful shop fronts greeting him. The hairs on his neck suddenly sprung to life, forcing Ken to spin round. But nothing was there. Still with that uneasy feeling, he returned to his walk, muttering about feral cats. Ken could swear something was watching him, but there were no signs of people hiding, watching. He continued, walking past an alleyway.

That was when a large pair of hands shot out and pulled him into the alley.


Wanda had been careful. She followed the scent, staying high on the roofs to avoid being spotted, her newfound agility and jumping helping her to stay stealthy. It hadn’t been hard to find Ken. Mark had thought it would be great to surprise Ken as they did.

As Ken flew through the air, he only had time to register a furry shape before he felt teeth on his throat. “Fucking shit” Ken thought.

Just as suddenly as he was caught, Ken was let go, flopping to the floor. Getting up, he got a better look at his attacker. Before him stood a magnificent figure of a beast, the fur and the body. She was grinning at him, panting like a dog.

“How did you catch me that fast?”


“Limited vocab?”

She nodded

“I suppose it makes it harder to trick people then, but that seems fair when you look at the rest of the suit”

Wanda did a quick spin, one arm seductively placed. Ken just smiled.

“Right then, let me in”

Wanda turned and reached for the zipper, struggling but managing to grab it and yanked. The werewolf deflated like an office party balloon at the end of the night. While this was happening, Ken had stripped naked. Stepping into the warm, somewhat wet interior, he couldn’t hold back the thoughts racing through his mind, exciting him for what was to come. He ducked his head inside, finding Eve and Mark already moving to accommodate the new roommate.

“Hey guys. So, what’s the suit like?”

“Powerful dude. There is so much of a rush”

“Personally, I think the senses are the best, so sharp”

“Cool. So how are we arranging ourselves here?”

“Well, if you two boys go to each side, one leg each, then I go between and behind, like where I was before”

From the outside, it looked like a bunch of cats stuck under a blanket, with all the squirming to fit in. After finding positions, they once more sealed the back. As Wanda retuned, she felt different. A new voice. Before she could think, a wave of pleasure swept over her. It was so intense that she fell to one knee, cum starting to flow. Regaining herself, she gathered her thoughts, noting as well that she was more tender all over than before.

-Wow! Is that what you guys felt the first time? -

-Kind of. It wasn’t quite as strong a wave the first time, but it took us by surprise, so we felt it more. Interesting it got more intense-

-Amazing guys! I feel so strong like this-

Wanda smiled at that thought, as a hand gently travelled up her front. Slapping the hand way, gently, Wanda began to scour for another victim, her nose brushing the ground.


Across the street, hiding in a mirror shop, Amy watched Ken get dragged into the alleyway.

“Shit, he didn’t last long. I hope they don’t get me here, I really don’t want to lose so quickly”

Amy crept closer to the window, careful not to alert the beast. A hand thought it could sneak a little playing, but Amy stopped it, not wanting to make a scent.

She watched as the wolf left the alleyway, sniffing and grunting along the street. The beast clearly caught a scent and Amy tensed. But the wolf raised her nose to the air and bounded into the woods.


Wanda had tracked the scent deep into the woods, further than she expected. Perking her ears, she could hear what sounded like chanting. Creeping forward, a stone circle came into view, with two figures clad in blood red robes bowing before a great stone table. Getting ready to pounce, Wanda didn’t notice the rustling beside her. From the darkness of the woods, a rope came flying out and tied itself to Wanda’s back leg.
She roared in anger, trying to swat the darkness for the culprit. Another thwack and her arm was snared. Looking round she saw the two figures from the circle had joined in, snare guns in hand. A third rope grabbed her other arm. The figures began to pull her towards the circle. Unable to get a purchase on the ground, Wanda was dragged.

“Rejoice Brothers, for we have captured the avatar of the Beast. Quick, tie it down on the Alter!”

A third figure emerged from the woods, his robe embellished with jewels. Clearly the head cultist. They tied Wanda across the stone table, while she snarled at them, spittle flying.

“We gather today to worship you, Almighty Beast! We, as humble servants, make our flesh yours to command! We join you in body and mind, Oh Great One!”

At that, the three figures let their robes fall, revealing naked bodies glistening in the light. They approached the alter, chanting under their breath. The head cultist went first, stepping between Wanda’s legs and spreading her lips. He lowered his head and began to lick. One cultists went to her head while the other disappeared under the table. At this point Wanda was shacking, leaking from her slit. A cultist grabbed her head and kissed her, slobber getting all over his face. He then pried open her jaw and shoved his head in. At the same time the head cultist forced his head into her vagina and the unseen cultist shoved his head into her ass.

Wanda was really not prepared for any of this. As all three worked their way in, bulging and distending her skin so unnaturally, she couldn’t help but squirm with the pleasure the movements were giving.
The last of a cultist was disappearing down her throat while just the calves of another poked out her vagina. The one going in the ass was struggling though, so tight she was. A steady stream of cum was now coming out of her, trickling down the table and onto the grass. When he finally squeezed his way in her ass with a “Plop”, she released a little geyser of cum.

She took a moment to gather her thoughts, as three new minds joined with her. It was beginning to get confusing in there, trying to keep track of which disembodied voice was which. She looked over herself and realised she was a lot bigger than when she started. The ropes binding her had burst. She was at least 12ft tall now, and at least a double K. She stood up to survey the circle, nearly slipping on the cum pool. Grinning madly at all of it, Wanda made her way back into town.

It took ages for her to get back. It would have taken her 1/6th of the time normally, but she had to keep stopping. The pleasure in her loins was so intense she had to keep masturbating to stay sane. You could actually follow where she had been by the trail of cum behind her.

In the middle of the street stood Amy, arms crossed and furious.

“Where the hell have you been? I hid, not wanting to be the first, but No! You saunter off doing god knows what while I stew in this place! Enough! Now let me in so I can have fun as well!”

With that she held up her arms expectantly. Wanda put a devious look on her face.

“No…In. Must…Prove”

“No! Let me in now!”


Wanda grabbed Amy then fell back onto her arse. She spread her legs wide and plunged Amy’s head into her slit, careful to not let her wriggle free. Resigned to it, Amy began to work. She lapped her tongue around the rim of the slit, careful to get the clit. Wanda felt the action in waves, powerfully travelling over her.

Amy delved her tongue deeper in, her whole head used to brush the walls. Wanda was starting to clench, squeezing Amy from all sides. Both were being driven mad by the feelings and cum flowing.
But then, from the outskirts of town, a siren went off. Wanda looked up, and after an internal debate, got up. Amy’s head was still deep in her cunt, held there by a clench.

“Sorry…Amy. Time…Up”

Amy pulled herself free, hair plastered and slicked by all the cum.

“Fucking Fuck Sake! I was looking forward to this!”

They made their way along the road out of town, through the woods, until they reached a gate on the road, with a fence reaching around the town. Standing at the gate was a nondescript man, unassuming in his looks. You might even think he had no face if the angle was right.

“Congratulations, you almost caught and ‘ate’ everyone. Have you all enjoyed yourselves?”

“Yes. We…Enjoy…Great…Amount”

“I fucking didn’t”

“Don’t worry, that just means you get to start next time. Come here Wanda and I’ll let you out”

Wanda squatted next to the man. He pulled from his belt what looked like a wand, with sparkly LEDs on it. He waved it over where the zipper should be and stepped back. He fiddled for a moment before pushing a button on it. With a whoosh and a wave of something, the back of Wanda flew open and 6 people spewed out, coated in varying amounts of cum.

“I have to say, I liked what you three did with the cult thing, quite original. We didn’t expect people try that”

The head ‘cultist’ replied. “Thanks John. I was reading some of the spec sheets and saw you could get in through the holes as well, so we thought we might try it”

“That was so surprising. The feeling of you three sliding in was, just, amazing” said Eve.

The pieces of Wanda started to mill around, stretch and discuss how it had been. John looked over at Amy, standing slightly off to the side, twitching a little.

“Don’t think I had forgotten you. You two can get unsuited too”

Murmuring came from the group, not sure what he was talking about. Amy sighed, deeply. She reached behind her head and gave it a thump. Instantly she ballooned, filling out in places a normal human shouldn’t. She stumbled slightly, adjusting to the new centre of gravity. John pulled down her zipper, revealing a man standing right side up and another Amy 69ing.

“I thought you wouldn’t notice” Amy said around a mouthful of cock.

“She thought if it was a suit of her we’d be fine” said the man, spitting some of her hairs out.

“I am the Games Master here, I know all”

John let the couple disentangle themselves, before calling the group together.

“Thank you again for today and being my Beta testers. You have completed the new ‘Werewolf in Suburbia’ match here. Your things are where…yada yada yada, you’ve all heard this before. Drinks on me at the bar later”

A whoop went up from the group, thirsty after the game. A hand went up. John looked over and nodded.

“What’s the next game your making?”

“We’re not sure. Maybe a monster versus monster match. We haven’t tried that one yet. Anyone interested in that?”

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

“I’m home!”

“Did you get the stuff?”

“Yeah, I got it”

“Good, put it away and come through”

He raised an eyebrow but did as he was told. Loosening his collar, he walked through the tiny apartment and into the bedroom. Lying across the bed was a slim woman, seductively wafting her silk nightgown across her smooth legs.

“You took long enough, I thought I would have to…. finish without you”

“Have a little more faith woman. Now, where can I…help?”

“Down there, there’s a spot I can’t quite...”

Before she could finish, he had already gotten down and began to tease with his tongue. A small ‘Ooff’ of surprise came from her, before reaching down to help guide his head. With expert movements, he managed to force her down, hands clawing at the bedsheets for support.

He let up, smiling down her body at her.

“Was that helpful?”

“Oh, most definitely. Let me return the assistance”

She pulled herself up, putting a finger to his lip. As he climbed up onto the bed, her hands moved onto his pants, roughly yanking them down before doing the same to his underwear. She laid him back against the bed, snaking down him until she met his little soldier, standing to attention. With her own expert movements, the little soldier disappeared from view. He moaned and grunted, letting her wicked ways play out over his length.

Realising climax wasn’t far off, he pushed her off and jumped forward, landing over her. Not expecting, she was a little unprepared. He grabbed her legs, spreading them wide and thrust. Her eyes went wide, taking his full girth inside. He started pounding in, back and forth before finally cumming. Panting, he sat back and helped her to sit. They sat like that, hugging and just feeling the warmth of each other.

“You had some nice moves tonight. You’re not normally so manly”

“Just excited for tomorrow”

“Hmmmm, such interesting lives we lead”

As they were talking, her hand had reached behind his head. She pulled down a zipper that only someone who knew what to look for would have found. As his face lost some of its definition, he pulled it off. Underneath was the rather sweaty face of Kat.

“I was having fun there Nat!”

“I want some of Kevin, you can’t keep him to yourself. I’m sure Kevin won’t mind assisting you as well”

Kat put up a mock resistance, as Nat slowly peeled Kevin from her body, caressing the flesh as it was exposed. She kissed her on the lips, before twisting Kevin’s body around like a half-filled sausage. The inside surface had a sheen to it, accentuated by the sweat that Kat left behind. She methodically worked her way into Kevin’s torso, pulling his face over with a sucking plopping noise.

If anyone looked in now, they would see a most bizarre sight. The top of a man with the bottom of a woman, skin connecting him to his lower half, which was part of another woman.

Kevin smiled at Kat, before twisting into the 69 position. He continued his ministrations from earlier, but this time he was sucking himself off. Kevin looked to be bent around a complete 180, while two mismatched halves of women were sort of behind him. Both Nat and Kat could feel the application of tongue, but Kat had it more intense since it was still technically her penis. They continued, both gripping and moaning in pure pleasure. Though they still needed a little something for the final climax.

Nat broke off from sucking and began to peel off the last of Kat’s Kevin. As his penis came clear from Kat’s glistening slit, it went flaccid, making both a little sad. Nat stood up now she had Kevin to herself and finished the transformation, threading her legs into his. When his penis found a new slit, it came back to life, excited enough to dribble out more precum. Kevin smiled down at Kat, a dribble of his cum seeping from his mouth.

“I had better make sure you’re not left out!”

He lay down on her and began thrusting, deep powerful lunges that had both nearly screaming. After a time, they both came for the final time that night, and fell asleep in each other’s arms, cum still leaking from them.


I believe reader that we have taken a step too far into the story as so. With what is to cum it wouldn’t really be productive. So, we shall travel back some little ways back to understand our two women and this shared man.



Kat and Nat met 5 years prior to the story, at a lesbian club in the capitols Utop district. They talked and the drank and they laughed. And after a few more nights, they loved. This love had sparked something in them, something they had found lacking in any of their past relationships.

Kat was a high-flying professional, CEO of one of the largest service providers in 8 countries. She handled everything, from closing deals to the final say on hires. And she was tired. The constant demand that she has all the answers was driving her slowly mad. She had tried holistic retreats with ancient monks, but they just asked her for answers no one had.

Nat was, according to Entertainment Now And In Your Face Weekly, the Hottest Offworld model 8 years running, and had been nominated for Hottest Female of the Previous Centaury. Everywhere she went, people saw her. And chased after her, wanting pictures and autographs and to smell her. And she was tired. She wished that walking down the street didn’t turn into a gauntlet run, that going shopping didn’t become hide and seek down the aisles.

So they bonded, their shared tiredness giving them much to talk about. They were happy, a year together of happiness and love before anything happened.

One day in the office, Kat had finally been asked one too many questions and she snapped. A full on mental breakdown. The intern was lucky it was only a missing limb. The doctors agreed that with some therapy, some drugs and less intensive work, she would be fine.

This is how Kevin came to exist. Kat had cleared her therapy and drugs but was still working less. Nat had come home from a 3-month photoshoot on Mars, missing the closeness of her love all the while. They were sitting together, watching some YouTube, when Kat noticed something. One of the ads had changed, she was sure, and was now showing an ad for something called “Disguised Solutions: [insert caption]”. Sketchy as all hell, but she clicked the ad. She was never she why she clicked. But what they both saw excited them.

The site had listings for “Skinsuits”, made of the latest “Duratex technology”. They just looked at each other. It was when they read more into the site, a spark of idea flitted into life. They took some time, really talking about this and checking the company was genuine, which it was.

They took great delight in designing their man, picking the features that made them wobble. They had realised, that with a new identity, a new skin, they could shed the tiredness, the problems of their selves. Kat, with her barrage of questions, could be someone who never got to make decisions. She could be a waiter. Nat could never go outside without the risk of being seen, of being spotted. She could become someone no one ever sees. She could be a barista. Of course, they didn’t truly want to leave their lives behind for ever, maybe just a day or so. They did need to pay rent.

They chose their suit, giving him the name Kevin. They got one simply because they were incredibly expensive. Originally Kevin was supposed to be a no one, someone with no history or friends. But when they realised that they would have to explain some of this, and especially since the neighbours would notice, Kevin did need a story. So, they told people they were polyamorous, Kevin being their shared man. It fitted the needs and made both women tingle inside at the deception.

Having a suit was one thing but putting it to use was another. Nat ramped down her modelling, telling people she needed to support her partner more. A truth, mostly. Kat was still on lessened hours and asked that it be made permanent. The Board couldn’t agree fast enough, desperate to keep even a fraction of her brilliance at being CEO. The lovers agreed to a timetable and so Kevin went off to find work. Kat’s Kevin got an end of week shift set at a swanky restaurant down the Business Zone, while Nat’s Kevin got a job at Starcoffee, over at the shuttle port doing the early week shifts. They were careful that the still got weekends together.

The first time they used the suit, it blew them away and blew them as well. Kat went first. Her senses felt amplified, his dick feeling like a true appendage. The semi-slimy interior was cool and tacky, but when in suit for a bit it became readily stuck. Nat was not as prepared as Kat and came within moments of putting it on and touching his dick.

So, they enjoyed the ruse, getting deeper and more excited as time went on. Kevin went from serving coffee, to the bedroom then working tables. Then more often than not, back in the bedroom. He was turning into their favourite toy. While they worked, it was impossible not to make friends. Which, dear Reader, is where we return to the story. Kevin and Nat are hosting a dinner party for his friends.


“You sure we cooked enough dumplings?”

“Yes, you have three friends coming over and we cooked 500. We have enough”

“But they’re so tiny!”

“Stop worrying babe. Come here”

Nat and Kevin pulled close, sharing a sweet and slow kiss. They parted, smiling.

“It’s nearly 5, they should be here in a mom...”

Before he finished, the boor bell shrilled to life. Kevin jogged into the living room, a final check on the coffee table’s provisions and that his dick was still in his pants, he opened the door.

“Andrew! Jacky! And of course, Little Lucy!”

“Fuck off Kevin”

“As ever, so refined and gentle” Kevin cheekily smiled.

“Sit down, drinks are in the kitchen, food on the table. You can help yourselves, since I am off shift”

They sat, drinking eating and talking for about an hour. Mostly it was small talk, compliments to the chef and just how bad some of the customers were. Just when Kevin was recovering from a truly bad joke being told, the door rang again. He got up, threading past the guests and opened the door.

“Kevin! Hey man! We got some schnapps and…. Oh, hey, you Kevin’s friends too?”

At the door were a man and a woman, late 20s. Kevin had no idea who they were. Nat did though. They were Kelly and Craig, friends of her Kevin.

“Yeah, we work with him. How do you know him...?”

“Sweet, we work with him at Starcoffee. You never said you had two jobs Kev’s”

Kevin and Nat had been panickily looking at each other, trying to communicate a solution out of this mess. Kevin looked round.

“Oh, yeah, well…. ends meet make or… something”

“I totally get you, the lizards just make it so hard these days. Where’s that hot chick you always talk about?”

“She, eh, the girls went to an oyster bar…. yesterday and y’know… poor her, not feeling well. How come you’re here?”

“You said we could come over if we were around and just be chill”

“Oh, yeah, I remember know” said Kevin, shooting a look at Nat. She just shrugged lightly. “Talking of being chill, we should really check on Kat. Why don’t you mingle and we’ll be right back. Come on Nat”

Kevin and Nat walked to the bedroom, carefully watching the guests. Nat kept her composure until the door closed.

“Shit shit shit shit shit… What do we do now?”

“We can’t throw them out and I don’t know your friends”

“What about sudden and complete amnesia? That could explain it”

Kevin was thinking, swaying back and forth. Nat watched for any sign of a plan coming together.

“I got it! We share Kevin, claim I’m a lot worse so you’re sitting with me and… chicken dinner!”

“We can’t keep swapping every time someone talks to Kevin, that won’t work”

“That’s not what I’m meaning Nat. The suit has a special feature. We can both wear him at the same time”

“What? Since when?”

“It was one of the special options we ticked. Remember?”

“No. Are you sure that would work?”

“What other plan have we got?”

“Okay, let’s try this. What do we do?”

“Get naked, unzip me then squeeze in behind me. That should be it”

Nat worked quick, stripping herself while Kevin did the same. She reached behind Kevin, pulling the hidden zipper down. Kat’s back was exposed, the cool air of the flat causing perspiration to form drops. They shimmed over to the bed, Kevin supporting himself on the bed. Nat raised a leg before gingerly slipping it in his back. It slid in without much resistance, eliciting a noise for Kevin.
Nat continued, her foot sliding down till it met Kat’s inside Kevin’s. It was a bizarre feeling, being able to feel his leg as part of her but being able to feel Kat’s touching hers. They kept going, aware the guests were still in the flat. Nat’s other foot joined Kat’s, with Kevin now looking as if a woman was growing from his ass. Nat wormed her arms into Kevin’s. Nat’s breasts were pressed tight onto Kat’s back, causing both women to moisten a little. Nat hadn’t felt too much of the process yet, but Kat had. And she was finding it hard to stay silent, the sensations from Nat both inside the suit and outside being erotic.

With only her head left, Nat paused.

“So, I just stuff my head next to yours?”

“Yeah, then we zip back up”

Nat took a deep breath, then stretched Kevin’s head over her own. Kevin now stood in the room, alone, with a clear outline showing two people were somehow inside him. The two women moved his arm back, struggling to get the zipper in hand. They managed and pulled, sealing them in. A moment passed, with Kevin awkwardly standing, before anything happened. The felt a wave move over their own bodies before a more powerful wave flowed over Kevin. It was so powerful it made their knees weak, Kevin falling to the floor. They felt the power go straight to their crotches, tingling and touching them deep. When they both overcame it, they opened their eyes and saw through Kevin’s.

Kevin looked at his arms, feeling them up and down. The two women could feel him as if it were their own skin. If they concentrated as well, they could feel each other in the skin, bodies pressed so impossibly close together.

-Kat? Are you in here?-

~Yeah, I’m here. This feels so… good. I’m getting so wet right now~

As Kat thought this, Kevin looked down at his penis, sitting at half-mast. He grinned and grabbed it, sending shocks of pleasure into the two women. He would have continued, but reality decided to pour some ice water over his fun.

“Are you all okay in there?” Andrew spoke through the door.

“Yeah, yeah. Kat’s still not feeling better. I’ll be out in a moment”

-That was close-

~We’d better get back then~

With some unhappiness at the end of exploring his new body, Kevin dressed back into his party outfit and returned to the livingroom.

“Sorry, Kat’s not better so Nat is sitting with her, so you just have us…eh, me for the rest of the night”

“Bummer dude. My friend Zachariah has soooo many herbs, they would be great for her”

Andrew snorted at that, while Lucy, Kelly and Jacky just looked between each other awkwardly.

Kevin sat down, his two inner voices somewhat confident this could be pulled off. The party continued, with Craig every so often telling some crackhead story and Andrew trying to be serious. A calmness settled over Kevin, feeling the ruse was holding. This calmness did however come with its own problem. With the newness of the experience and the closeness of the women, they couldn’t help feeling horny. This translated however to Kevin’s dick getting harder and harder. He passed it off at first by crossing his legs but had to cover himself with a pillow. It was a struggle in his head as well, trying to keep coherent thoughts while all he wanted to do was grab and pull.

When darkness had fallen and conversation dried, all the guests made their excuses and left, Kevin seeing them out the door. The door had barely closed on the last guest before Kevin had fallen to his knees, clawing at his trousers. Finally getting the zip undone, he ripped them off and grabbed his dick, now as hard as steel, with both hands and pulled with his might. Falling backwards in the hall, he began to furiously masturbate, both minds feeling the tension and bliss fill them. A hand escaped, feeling his chest for the missing breasts.

Kevin continued, closer and closer to release. With a final massive tug, he came, cum spraying out and falling back on his chest. The loose hand scooped some of it and began to lap it like a cat from his hand. Not satisfied yet, he began to massage the cum onto his body, moaning and groaning in bliss. The hands swapped roles and he masturbated again, faster and faster. He came again, and this time was satisfied.

Lying on the floor, hugging himself, he felt only love and joy at his two parts, wondering what else he could experience like this. The cum glistened on his body, while the pool of it underneath spread.


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