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Kingdom of Prussia Map-File

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Here's the finished map for the Kingdom of Prussia from the 1983: Doomsday-verse ( [link] ) as well as part of the backdrop of the recent Doomsday stories ( [link] ). As with the Alpine Confederation map, expect liberties and changes to be taken with this interpretation.

If there's one thing noteworthy about that revived post-apocalyptic country, it would be how the nuclear war that brought about Doomsday helped give Prussia a second lease on life...though not without some major hiccups, such as the Polish Pomerania debacle. Though at least Berlin wasn't nuked...and yes. Awesome...I mean, glory is once more within reach for them. ;)

Any comments are very much welcome.


A constitutional monarchy and one of the stranger results of Doomsday, the Kingdom of Prussia stands as the most dominant force in the wastelands that were once Germany and to an extent northern Poland. While its people take pride in being the only major bastion of German culture and heritage outside of the Alpine Confederation, they are also viewed by the rest of the world as either arrogant (at best) or deluded pariahs (at worst). The official capital is Berlin, whose survival played a crucial role in the “Restoration.”

East Germany had been strongly affected by the nuclear onslaught on September 1983, many high-ranking leaders having been wiped out along with their Soviet minders. Yet either by a miracle, oversight by the superpowers (in part due to their many assets there) or sheer luck, Berlin and surrounding areas survived intact. While countryside clashes petered on between NATO and Warsaw Pact forces, by then fighting for mere survival than for countries that no longer existed, what remained of the DDR government fell apart as Berliners on both sides of the Wall revolted. At the same time, however, people began gravitating towards Crown Prince Christian-Sigismund (later King Christian I) of the deposed Hohenzollern dynasty. Before long, he and his supporters came to be seen by both German civilians and soldiers alike as the nation’s legitimate authority.

The years afterward were marked by refugee movements, tremendous hardships as well as the consolidation of order over the regions around Berlin. By the end of the decade, the Germans had succeeded in re-establishing some semblance of law and stability over many parts of the former Communist state. At that point, however, more and more were referring to themselves as and hearkening back to their land’s former name: Prussia. But it was only in 1992 however that East Germany was officially “returned to its proper name” and Christian-Sigismund “restored” to the throne as King.

At first, the Prussians were satisfied with sending diplomatic expeditions to former West Germany and the south (the first successful contact being with the Alpines in 1994), as well as consolidating their increasingly potent power. Soon, contact was made with the relatively intact Scandinavian countries (by then under the alliance of the Nordic Union), German Survivor-Nations and scattered Polish communities along the old border. Then on 2006, in an attempt to “rectify” lands lost in World War II, Prussia invaded Polish Pomerania as a stepping stone to greatness. While the initial campaign was successful, the landmark moment being the transformation of Kołobrzeg into Neuer Königsberg, unrest quickly turned violent as local Poles either called for equal rights or outright independence. Further pressure from the Nordic Union and the remnant Polish government, as well as mounting resentment at home forced the Prussian military to back down in 2008, the monarch renouncing all remaining claims on Polish and Nordic held territories, as well as prompting the authorities to “properly restore order.”

Today, despite the stigma of the “Polish Adventure,” Prussia remains a potent powerhouse in the German wastelands. Its influence could be felt across former East Germany, with claims on what had been Kalilingrad Oblast (formerly the original Königsberg) and many towns and cities largely rebuilt to their former glory. Efforts to repair relations to the Scandinavians and Poles had been more successful than initially thought, though the Germanization program in Pomerania has caused some resentment despite the compromises made with the Polish elements. And with its situation once again stabilizing, the Prussians stands poised, along with their “tentative" Alpines allies, to assert influence and possibly control over the entire German wasteland.


As a disclaimer, I don't own 1983: Doomsday, which belongs to its respective owners.


Alpine Confederation Map-File (Earlier): [link]
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United Magyaria Map-File: [link] (Possible Future)
Hungary's Children Region-File: [link]
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Amazing! Could you expand the 1983:Doomsday in Hetalia by making some map of Greece and Rhodope? It would look interesting to see Bulgaria and Greece surviving there. And maybe Austria and the AC could have good relations with Bohemia (can APH Czech suits there?)

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Though I don't know when I'd be able to get to doing that. Sorry. ^^;
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Np! Try when you have time

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I think that Prussia should establish a military base and scientific research center in Königsberg
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This is quite the series.
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very nice german map. i'm impressed.
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Thanks! Hope you liked it!
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PRUSSIA! BBY COME BACK! Cause world misses you. ;w; I'm Prussian owo.
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Ja! owo I've seen on a lot of vids about Prussia on youtube, people miss Prussia. It's unfair what the Allies did.
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Prussia is like a cockroach, not even a global nuclear war could do him in.
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Very true. And believe it or not, the one you see in the map is actually larger than in the source material. ;)
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Glad you noticed that. XD
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Oh wow interesting, will it get more regions later on?

Just two corrections:

Maybe it would be more: Mittelpreußen and not Zentral, and in German you can write words together, you don´t need a - ^^

And Pommern would be: Polnisches Pommern oder Polnisch-Pommern (in this case with -)

But the map is cool!!!
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Thanks! German isn't my forte at all...but hope everything else is alright! :)
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Yes sure! Hey when I correct someone, I only wanna help, never think I wanna complain and jerk XD

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Free Prussia!.
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They actually did in that timeline. ;)
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