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NT6: A Tale of Two Captains: Part 2 PDF

OKay, due to the fact that the owner of the usual site that I upload these files to, has his hands full of Real Life right now, I am - with great reluctance- uploading the PDF file for those who wish to read it.
I STRONGLY recommend that you download the file and use Adobe reader instead of trying to read it on this site.

This is Part 2 of the 3 part story. If you haven't read Part 1, I suggest you read it first.

The Tamerlane site now has the download available, too:
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I loved it! Love Clap Love Clap Love Clap Love 
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Wait till you get into Part 3- the pay-off.
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And the tension builds in Part 3 right up to the end. :-)
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Cue epic music that sounds the forboding of war. Damn nice work. And Kirk & Co. coming to assist with their own ships? Wonderful. Prime 'verse's ships oughta have a field day with the Nova Romulan ships having no deflector shields.
Well be a good person after being bad so long.
Yeah who says a Orion girl can't be good bad. :)
I agree I wanted to add a basically super Orion female once working Orion syndicate a bad pirate, and assassin to honest smuggler and bounty hunter to being most wanted in 11 sectors and then after getting caught and ask to help Star fleet Intelligence in exchange for her freedom she later completed her job and with no where else to go she accept Starfleet agent offer to help them more. Now she's a deep cover agent working for Starfleet Intelligence and a LT. Commander in Starfleet after 11 years.
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okay. sounds intresting.
So tell me what do you think about Orion girls?
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There are alot of things in "Enterprise" that I don't agree with- and their presentation of the Orions is part of it.
I perfer the way Vina was presented as an Orion in the Original Pilot "The Cage".
Now I got to get back to Part 3.
Well hope you enjoy. :)
How was the movie.
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Haven't had time to watch it yet. Been busy working on Part 3.
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Nice work. I can't wait to see Part 3.
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Thank you. Working on now, But it's going to run over 100 pages- so it may be more toward the second half of the year before it's done- all depends on what kinds of problems I run into.
Nicely done...part 3. :)
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The FSS Reliant will be making an appearance as one of the newer vessels to respond to the Call.
Any chance for proxima class vessels to join the fight?

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I don't think I've ever seen a proxima class- and even then, It would have to work in Poser 9.
Thanks I hope this Battleship helps but for the record Admiral I suggest you go outside the box on this...and get every ship you can get your hands on alos I recommend the Oberth class starship they aren't well arm but I saw a pair fly around warships they can use their speed to hit and run were it hurts and cover the larger warships.
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Beleive me, I will be using every starship model that matches TOS and a few even earlier. I've spent alot of time at Starfleet Command and Battleclinic- two of the biggest game sites I know of, going through and picking out ships, then using NifScope and Milkshape 3D to convert them into objs that would work in Poser.
Well just don't make the fleet perfect as Starfleet calling in everything that can fight and fly.

Oh here is a Gift for your hard work. :)

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