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Dickess- The Complete Goodtimes Photo Session

By mdbruffy
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It was one of those nights when you just didn't want to really work on anything. I am typing the script up for the next Dillion graphic novel. But I just took the night, goofed off and this was the result. For obvious reasons, the Mature Filter is on.
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Your 3d version of Arrow looks pretty good, despite the limitations of her head
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All of the pics are of the original Arrow that I did years ago. You can tell by the thicker antennas.They turned out better than expected- better than the set did. The Centerfold- the pic of Arrow in the white negligee- is the only time I rendered a nude form and tried to paint or draw the outfit over it.  Again- like her new uniform blouse- there was no outfit anywhere close to it available anywhere.
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You did well with it, considering that