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Arrow's nightgown- W.I.P.

By mdbruffy
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Does anyone who works with the Poser 3d art program know where I can find an outfit for Victoria 3 or Victoria 4 that I can use to create Arrow's night gown? As you can see, the V3 tunic is too form fitting to work.
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I don't know Poser. I know V4 has a Baby Doll that hangs similar, but the neckline is different. :shrug:

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I suppose you might be able to get the MFD to work with a fair bit of work (I think it's slightly less conforming than the old Daz tunics) - The starlit or the cocktail dress for V3 might do (but both are not in Daz store any more) - V3 stuff is gradually disappearing in every store...

But from the looks of what you want - dynamic cloth might be best - if you have a Poser version which has the cloth room - there are a number of free dynamic items that might suit (some with a little editing to remove sleeves or shorten hem)

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I don't use dynamic cloth. When it comes to an outfit I might be using more than once, I don't want to have to go through several simulations every time I want to use it. That's never made sense to me. If I were still doing graphic novels with up to six pics per page, That would mean reposing the figure and doing simulations over and over again for every picture. I'd never get anything else done. And these days between work and family, I have even less time than I did then.

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I understand, it can be time consuming to use cloth sims. I use Daz, but when i do use dynamics, it's often poser cloth with dForce applied - with a recent pc, and a little luck with the material settings it's anything from 2 to 20 minutes. Much much longer if I run into settings problems if the outfit explodes on sim. Once the mat settings are right with dforce though, it's usually plain sailing for reposes.

Poser dynamics are different of course.

You could try hunting through the freebie repos for something close, but freebies being freebies, the rigging is usually not great Rendo, Sharecg and the poserdazwiki are the biggest collections.

You could hunt in the stores for something but V3 items are getting rarer.

What about Sensibility V4 there are a few Evilinnocene dresses that might also do with a little geometry edits for the neckline, sleeves and hem..the main thing you are looking for is a loose conforming rig.

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I'm not a modeler. Texture maps, transparency maps, those I can do pretty well. But dealing with the actual geometry of an out fit is beyond me. I just reached Ken1171. He's modeled the two uniform tops I've been using.

Arrow's test

Arrow's new look- Final

I'm hoping he can come up with something.

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Ah, yes, transparency maps would also do to alter a clothing item - seen them used a lot with Morphing Fantasy dress textures.

It's relatively easy to alter the geometry of a clothing item with the Daz Geometry editor (with a little patience) - enough to make a separate surface for sleeves and dress bottoms that you can then make invisible - I find it easier than dealing with a 2D paint prog to paint an opacity map.

I assumed Poser would have a similar tool - it is still ahead of Daz in some tools (such as morph brush versus dformer)

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Well, I got hold of Ken. He's working on the outfit right now. He does real good work.

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