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Fire Sword Moves

A friend of mine performing fire swords in the court of an old castle.

If you want to see more fire art, or to buy fire swords, staff, pois … feel free to visit our Website
or to watch our new video :
English [link]
French [link]

Many thanks for your comments, watch & favourites, have a nice day !

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FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Awesome Job! So Cool! 
SpineBl4st3r's avatar
reminds me of dark souls
FantasyBoudicca's avatar
How did you make it?! I have one of my characters making a fire sword specifically to scare the crap out of his enemies and frankly how I thought it could work defies the laws of physics. Or at least how the thing is assembled? Would appreciate it. Thanks.
MD-Arts's avatar
The blade is wrapped in kevlar, which is not damaged after burning, that's all :)
FantasyBoudicca's avatar
That is so brilliantly simple I now feel retarded for not coming up with it. I salute you.
MD-Arts's avatar
I was introduced to it and didn't find out by myself ^^
Snipertoaster's avatar
Sweet Peach Pie Sundae Cobbler, this is nothing short of incredible.
countzandr's avatar
Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden. He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the Garden of Eden Cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.
—Genesis 3:24
pikakid's avatar
Dofwolf's avatar
I see yet I don't believe it!
DritingPrincess's avatar
You sir, have reached a level of awesome that only Nerdfighteria has reached before. Good job!
Tokusie's avatar
-tilts head this way and that- Looks like a friend of mine from High School. Greg... unlikely that it is him, but he is one pyromaniac with skills XD
kakatana's avatar
F-ing epic. Wow.
ColinatorGX's avatar
That. Is crazy awesome.
There's only one way to describe this: TOTALLY F*CKING BADASS!!!
DeathLee28's avatar

ur the next Hero in the Hylian bloodline^^
MD-Arts's avatar
that would be cool XD
DeathLee28's avatar
damn right it would
Hider6's avatar
Daydream-Outcast's avatar
its quite elegent and beautiful!

Is that sword battle-ready?
MD-Arts's avatar
against other fire sword, not real ones
iluvdroopster's avatar
This is very cool, but his little cape thing has me cringing at every turn. I know that it's not going to catch now any more than it did the last ten times he did it in the loop, but I still hold my breath. XD
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