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[GIFT] Winter Night

By McTranceFox
[ENglish] I'm shocked ... what have i done ?!?!?
Character Felicia belong to Tailsrulz | Artwork and Character Cherry belong to me.

[РУсский] Я в шоке ... чё я натворил ?!?!?
Персонаж Felicia пренадлежит Tailsrulz | Работа и Персонаж Cherry пренадлежат мне.
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© 2014 - 2021 McTranceFox
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Very good art
McTranceFox's avatar
SIDQEE's avatar
I hope they are siblings
SIDQEE's avatar
NESWolf20's avatar
You're welcome
DrDoesntExist's avatar
Mac, just what the hell is that description?!
Can't you just appreciate your art for once? You're doing great!
McTranceFox's avatar
I disagree, and i can did proof ...
DrDoesntExist's avatar
How can you tell?
DestinySpider's avatar
How can I have not seen this earlier O//O
Looks stunning, I don't know what their faces try to say thoe.
They smile sweetly at the wiever like they'd want to bang or something, but the way they have their arms crossed more looks like their about to beat some dude, who is horny at them, up... I'M SO CUNFUSED >.<
ACE-of-SPADES-666's avatar
I swear they could pass as sisters
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What've you done? You've opened a door into a completely different world.
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Let's go to my house your two, I have hot chocolate and a warming bed.
FutrzastyMefju's avatar
Both girls are astonishing :-D
PolandMaster's avatar
Dammmm I like this 10/10
W0nderbolts's avatar
damn it they are too cute!! XD
TOGxcoyote's avatar
Aww there so cute :3
MonstrousMultiverse's avatar
There really should be a pic where they kiss at last.
Lexicanum3's avatar
"what have i done" a great job, i can Say.
com-ment's avatar
So... you made this on 27.12... right?... Then this is my favorite art!!!
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