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=GIFT= Picnic under the night

By McTranceFox
[EN] Mark, this gift i will do to you just like that, i'm sorry that i use your style. I hope that you will see and you'll like [although I'm not particularly sure]
First time i feel like suicide bomber ... a very strange feeling. Why? because I use his style and drew his character, it's worse than a mixture hydroxybutyrate, amphetamine and hashish.
For the most to me important your opinion, Mark.
About art i not write more. i thought long on the design ... and did not came up, i had to improvise.
Anyway, I tried.
STYLE "approximate" & character "Felicia" © TAILSRULZ
ART © me.

[РУ] Марк, этот подарок я зделал тебе, просто так, извини что я использую твой стиль. Я надеюсь что хоть это увидишь и тебе понравится [хотя я не особо уверен]
Я впервые чувствую себя самоубийцей ... очень странные чувства. Почему ?! потому что я использую его стиль и нарисовал его персонажа, это хуже чем смесь оксибутират, амфетамина и гашиша.
По большей мере мне важно твое мнение, Марк.
О самом рисунке мноого не напишу. Я долго думал над оформлением ... и так и не придумал, пришлось импровизировать.
Во всяком случае я старался.
СТИЛЬ "приблизительный" и персонаж "Felicia" © TAILSRULZ
АРТ принадлежит мне.
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© 2012 - 2021 McTranceFox
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felicia its a cat or a tigress?
Dante-McPixel's avatar
After the drinks, all I want is a good night, slepping with this kitty.
DrewBoy89's avatar
I really want to have a picnic with this kitty anytime.:D Great and sexy pic as always.
MatthewLeach's avatar
heyy this is a very nice background for the beautiful lady in the front. You did well my friend
siggihar's avatar
"tigress" turn the "ss" into "x" and google the result, :) something entirely different
MattewSanders's avatar
This.... This is so beautifull
Why can not I draw so F*cking well? :C
She is so hot.  Great job with the night sky.  You're just so grand with the female figure.  Wow, She is so sexy.  Meow.
minecrafroger's avatar
i wolden't mind having an picknick with that girl.
GlitchSamo21's avatar
Love the outfit ;3
afroskeleton123's avatar
Daaammmmn, This is hot. keep up the great work.
coolpanther's avatar
Она очень красивая.
vulpinerules21's avatar
i never thought felicia could be any more beautiful when i saw those yellow cat eyes and purrfect body but u just proved me wrong
McTranceFox's avatar
так стоп! what ?
vulpinerules21's avatar
stop it. what? what?
vulpinerules21's avatar
oops i put could not couldn't i meet to put couldn't
McTranceFox's avatar
<<... but u just proved me wrong>> what you mean ? i ask this
vulpinerules21's avatar
what i mean is this picture proved me wrong
vulpinerules21's avatar
i cant talk in russian
McTranceFox's avatar
nevermind about write on russian, here nothing interesting
BUT! don't forget about translator
zerima34's avatar
Man tails replied and liked it!
Proof that you are great!!
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