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After Sleepless Night

By McTranceFox
[EN] I drew picture for a long time, tried to approach the style of TRZ but my attempts were not confirmed, although in some moments i had a breakthrough.
STYLE "approximate" & character "Cassandra" © TAILSRULZ
Artwork belong to me

Рисунок я долго рисовал, пытался более приблизится к стилю TRZ но мои старания особо не вышли, хотя в некоторых моментах у меня произошёл прорыв.
СТИЛЬ "приблизительный" и персонаж "Cassandra" © TAILSRULZ
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© 2013 - 2021 McTranceFox
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She must be really happy see me because i'm her mate! Great job and sexy as hell:love:!
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She is sexy as HELL!
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Excellent picture of cassandra.
Отлично картину Кассандра. 
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А на русском даже не пытайся, язык тяжелый в целом и переводчик его плохо понимает.
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Ухты ты русский!
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Обломись, Новороссиянин!
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ok, I won't translate. Thank you for letting me know. :)
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this is my favorite picture of Cassandra. if a girl exists that's got the body and character like Cassandra i want to meet a girl like this.
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And i want to meet with her ... эхх
cowboycookies's avatar
me to. they just don't make girls like that any more. but there's got to b one
твоя лучшая работа)
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Нет, это не самая лучшая.
а какая на твой взгляд самая удачная твоя работа?
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Ну одной таковой её не назовёшь но есть тут одна [link]
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Another gret artwork Mac :) I love the way you draw (I know it's like tailsrulz) but on yours you put your on little touch on it gives me a certain feeling, Cassandra looks sexy btw :) and if I could ask a favor could u try and draw felicia again If u can get Mark's permission?
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Yes, if i get permission from Tailsrulz to draw Felicia i'll be a draw her... but this is impossible to take the permission.
And thanks.
Crowsfeathers's avatar
Ok still it be cool to see u draw another Felicia :) I think it be a good concept seeing how u draw Cassandra a lot :)
McTranceFox's avatar
Not, now i not will draw any Tailsrulz character, but, i will draw again if Tailsrulz give me permission on this... but this is impossible ...
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nice work

Cassandra fanbace
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