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By McTranceFox
[EN] This is remake of my most first digital artwork which i not uploaded (completed in 31.07.2011).
But it's all what i want to write.
ARTWORK belong to me - Mc.Trancefox | Character "Cassandra" belong to Tailsrulz.


[РУ] Это переделка моей самой первой цифровой рабты которую я не загрзил (заверщённый в 31.07.2011).
Но это всё что я хочу написать.
АРТВОРК принадлежит мне - Mc.Trancefox | Персонаж "Cassandra" принадлежит Tailsrulz.
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© 2014 - 2021 McTranceFox
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I came from a YTP roflllllll

And I'm proud xDD
geezylps's avatar
Yeah, a YTPer used this in their video
That butt was fluffed!
nipple-adopts's avatar
This person has been reuploading other people's art. They didn't say they drew it but they still are reuploading it.…
McTranceFox's avatar
Thanks for showing.
DrewBoy89's avatar
Cassandra's a major cutie!:D Even if it's not your character!
FoxTrot2069's avatar
Damn cassandra back at it with the white vans haha😂
TheKindArtist's avatar
damn russian furries are hot! O:
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She's as said original owner are Greek.
I find the flavor of the drawing to be interesting, especially the background of the city lights.  I do find the drawing to be great for 2011 and I do like how she looks very much.  I love female fox furry.  I love how her tail looks.  I love her eyes and her hair.  The shirt has an interesting vibe about it.  An interesting logo on the shirt for sure.  I do like how you were able to capture the female form - it looks great.  However, she isn't super hot like all of your other female furry.  She seems to just be on the cute side.  Great work though.
xNickTheBestx's avatar
she has a great belly button too
RoxieIsAlive's avatar
She's beautiful!
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This character belong to Tailsrulz, who did her 06.23.2003
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
Vixens, make up of 90% of the fun in the furry fandom :D

Extravagant work, my friend. your talent and attention to detail is to die for.
McTranceFox's avatar
Hmm, thanks.
But i so slow, very slow in drawing, so i not think that i talented.
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
slow but steady, is always ready.

And you comrade, are far from ready. I bow at your skills.
McTranceFox's avatar
Alright, thank you.
Alucard234564's avatar
She is very pretty! Well done,:D
McTranceFox's avatar
Yes, she is.
Alucard234564's avatar
No problem, I am in love with her! She became my new screen saver because of how pretty she is! I want to hug her if I could!:D
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