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1. The things Speed Sliver loves are kidnapping girl and BDSM.

2. However difficult it may be, you have to solve it.

3. The cage where they tied and gagged two girls was there.

4. GJ : I still love SS a lot; although I think he is a pornographic man.

5. It never occurred to her that she would tie and gag in a bad situation.

6. I know the girl who has been tied and gagged for days.
I know the girl ( being ) tying and gagging for days.

7. A girl who is tied tightly.
A tightly - tied girl.

8. After the girls were tied with some ropes and gags, they couldn't move around and shout out, only muffled.
After being tied with some ropes and gags, the girls couldn't move around and shout out, only muffled.
Tied with some ropes and gags, the girls couldn't move around and shout out, only muffled.

9. Judging from the situation, you shouldn't keep struggling.

10. Speaking of kidnapping skills, Speed Sliver is one of the best.

11. When we entered the alley, two men grabbed and chloroformed us, it seems they wanted to kidnap us - two lovely girls.

12. They accidentally fell into a hole, and got trapped.
They accidentally fell into a hole, getting trapped.

13. The girl struggled the rope, and her eyes were filled with tears.
The girl struggled the rope, her eyes filled with tears.

[ The End ]
200 deviations? How classic~~
We ... there'll be no new works for a long time ( 2/14 ~ 5/21 ), sorry everyone......
Perhaps ... this is a long time, you can watch the previous works, or attention about the works of other deviants.
As for the previous comment tasks, there will be a chance, because I really want to share the works to you.
Thanks for your support, that's all.
Peace out and happy Valentine's Day

Thanks :
It seems a pity that we seem to have not achieved our goal......
We just received 2 comments, but we need 4 comments to do! Isn't less what? Another 2 comments!
Thanks for your support!

I decided to make another Mine-imator pictures, which are about a girl who comes from a game called "Fire Emblem Awakening", her name is "Lucina", gets kidnapped.

But this time, perhaps I'll make them look different.

If you want me do my best, please leave a comment below, I need 4 comments to do this!
1. When Lucina got kidnapped, another girl, Star, had tied and gagged there again......
2. I recently discovered that there is a girl missing in our community, I think that she either traveled abroad or got kidnapped again......
Enjoy the series "Kidnapped Steps"?
There is no "the end" yet.
[ Practice Sentences......]

1. The girl who be tied up with a cleave gag looks lovely~~
2. I like the girl who has been tied up with a cleave gag.
3. Cleave gag with OTM gag can make girls more silent, can't they?

[ Didnapper x Cytunity Preview ]

1. Scirocco (Theme for DIDnapper) by napdog
2. TheNightBefore (SukiVariation)
3. Cherisa's Theme
4. Hideout_2