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Inktober #9 - FISH FACE ON LEGS! by InkHeart4568 Inktober #9 - FISH FACE ON LEGS! :iconinkheart4568:InkHeart4568 1 1 Deathstar Reflections by WiL-Woods Deathstar Reflections :iconwil-woods:WiL-Woods 7,804 1,331 Rwby | Weiss and Yang [Freezerburn] by Emperial-Dawn Rwby | Weiss and Yang [Freezerburn] :iconemperial-dawn:Emperial-Dawn 223 51
SWR (Sabine Wren x M!SL!M!Reader) Emotionless
Chapter 2: Setting Bait
"Purple Shining eye, still doesn't make sense." Kanan mumbles too himself.
"It could mean the Sith who killed them has a Purple Shining eye." Sabine concludes.
"Yeah, obvious enough, what are we gonna do? Scour the entire damn galaxy for this Sith?!" Zeb asks.
"No way, whoever this Sith is, I'm pretty sure we don't want to mess with. I mean, facing Imperials is one thing, but a Sith? Sorry Kanan, but we aren't going to find this person love." Hera said.
"We can't just deny that the Sith who killed Master Roakon and the others is still out there, we have to do something!" Kanan exclaims.
Chopper rolls in and beeps and clicks.
"A Distress call? Bring it up." Kanan said.
Chopper plugs in the terminal, "This is Jedi Master Jax Pavan, can you read me?"
"Jax, he's alive! I read you Jax, this is Former Jedi Caleb Dume."
"Your last name is D
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 45 27
SWR (Sabine Wren x M!BH!Reader) Troubled Pasts 3
Chapter 3: Chase
That was it, among the seven of them, there was silence.
(F/N)'s left side of his face was a sight to see, but the burns were mostly on his cheek and lower, his ear was fine and his eye was good, but that burn, was something he had to live with.
"Wow, I never thought-"
"One joke of my face Lasat, and you'll be joining the rest of your kind." (F/N) seethes.
Watto slowly flies out of the ship, "Your credits are inside."
(F/N) tosses him a few credits.
"Thanks Watto, I'll be back soon." (F/N) turns around to walk up the ramp.
Comic and HK-47 enters the ship, "(F/N) wait-"
(F/N) turns around and aims his flamethrower, Watto was luckily away from them.
He shoots it at the three, Sabine jumped away and Zeb and Kanan ducked.
"Follow me, and you're dead....." (F/N) puts his helmet on and walks up, the ramp closes.
He gets to his seat and starts the ship, he hear
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 62 10
Princess Bubblegum Breast Expansion by Username1234567891 Princess Bubblegum Breast Expansion :iconusername1234567891:Username1234567891 474 7
Dangerous (Doctor Strange x Half!Witch!Reader)
 Doctor Strange (c) Marvel
 You (c) yourself
 Does not contain spoilers for the movie plot (well, a little) but still contains spoilers of characters and other materials. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN CAUTION.

 “Who is she?” Stephen Strange asked the Ancient One, looking at the girl sitting down, sighing. The girl was watching the rest of the students practice in conjuring their hands up in summoning their arts.
 She was wearing a (f/c) cloak, glaring at the students. Her hair was (h/c) and (h/s). Her (e/c) eyes scanned the arena. What made him the most curious about her though was the pendant she had worn around her neck. It was ebony black with a (f/c) diamond it in the center, with blood red stones around it.
 He had never seen her out when he would go out and practice along with the other students. Normally, it was the same people he saw everyday but seeing he
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 164 8
STR (Sabine Wren x M!BH!Reader) Troubled Pasts 2
Chapter 2: Fett
This Link leads to the story that inspired me to do this:
Show this guy, darksawr, some love, he did awesome!
".....And next thing you know, he shoots at me!" Hondo laughs.
The other Pirates laugh as well, then a big crate lands on their table where they were playing cards.
"Hondo." Boba said.
The Pirates stand up and aim their blasters at Boba Fett.
Multiple shots are heard as the blasters in the Pirates' hands are shot out.
They hold their hands, "Nice try." (F/N) said.
"Ah! Boba Fett! And Little (F/N) Fett Jr. Now, what is this Imperial Junk?"
"Blasters." (F/N) said, jumping down from his hiding place.
"Ah these are the newest edition! They will do good! Here you go Fett, and Fett Jr."
Hondo gives Boba Fett 100 Credits, and (F/N) 100.
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 55 17
Captain Rex (Clone Wars) X Reader (Pranks)
"Commander_______! Have you seen my helmet?" Rex inquired as he stepped into your room. You lazily put down the book you were reading and responded, "No, but perhaps you should check the armor room,Rex."
"I already have Commander_______. I've not seen any trace of it." he said depressingly.
"Then maybe you should look harder, Rex. It's most likely just a big mistake. I'll come and help you look."
"No, Commander! I couldn't possibly disturb you-"
"Rex, I WANT to come! End of story.  Now, let's go and get this sorted out." you said as you got up from your bed and swiftly went down the hall with Rex .
*******SHORT TIME SKIP*******
As you got to the armor room, you noticed Echo running towards the two of you. He respectfully saluted you and Rex before reporting, "Captain, we have located your helmet. If you'll please come with me." he asked before going into the armor room.
"Well ,where is it?" Rex asked as he looked about the room. The clones armor as in their usual places, except fo
:iconbloodofthetitan1:BloodoftheTitan1 149 31
Clones X Reader (Hostage)
"Take off their binders." Rex ordered as Fives and Jesse were spared from execution by their brothers sense of honor. 
"No! We have orders! We have to go through with this!" Dogma countered blatantly.
"Good luck finding anyone to do it." 
Suddenly a deep voice countered, "Oh,I know exactly who will do it." as one of the lift doors opened to reveal General Krell. He held a chain that connected to your hands, tying them in place with Jedi cuffs that prevented you from using The Force. You had a cloth over your mouth that couldn't prevent the clones from hearing your muffled screams as you tried to break free of your bindings. Even though you were a Jedi, the members of the battalion had come to view you as more than just another leader. Almost as one of their own.
"_____!" Jesse yelled as he started to run towards you. Rex, however, held him back. 
" General Krell!What is the meaning of this ?" he shouted angrily.
"The meaning of this, you stupid clone, is if you don't do
:iconbloodofthetitan1:BloodoftheTitan1 150 64
Too Scared (Poe Dameron x Shy!Reader)

 I'm starting to develop a strange sensation to the guy...but I promised to be already committed to Kylo! Help!
 Aww, screw it! Almost every character in Star Wars needs love anyway! My only warning is Poe maybe a bit OOC...

 Star Wars (c) Disney/LucasFilm
 You (c) yourself

 Enjoy the story!

 Poe smiled as he tapped the wing of his X-Wing Starfighter, happy to see that his spacecraft had given him another smooth, good flight. It was every now and then that he did this: take his Starfighter out for a little flight drive, soaring into the sky and doing a couple of tricks.
 It sometimes actually helped him clear his head, taking his mind off of anything that was bothering him. Today though, luckily, was just another feel of being in the sky, the almost feel of the wind breezing against his face, the rush of the Starfighter blasting off.
 He searched around t
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 187 19
Old Time Friends (Boba Fett x Reader)
 Requested by a fellow deviant
 At this point, I am no longer taking requests! Sorry!
 Star Wars (c) LucasFilm
 You (c) yourself

 "And as I have said before, we'd split the money like I said we would!" Dengar argued. "50 for me, 20 for you, 40 for the robot and 30 for you, girlie."
 You growled under your throat. You could march up and give Dengar a good one but you were being held back by Bossk. IG-88 was behind Dengar, checking him as well. If Greedo had been here, you knew for a fact that he'd be the first one to pull you aside and assure you you'd get paid fairly.
 That was one thing you liked about Greedo. He was like the big brother to you, ready to knock some teeth out in case any of these other "big boy" bounty hunters tried to put you down. Though, he did warn them if they pushed their limit with you, you sure weren't afraid to give a good blow.
 Sadly, however, from reports heard from others, the poor Rodian had been blasted
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 40 13
STR (Sabine Wren x M!SL!M!Reader) Emotionless
Chapter 1: The Sith Apprentice
Lightsabers clashing, two men in black and armor, one with a cape. The one in the cape was on the defense.
The one in the armor with no cape, he was on the offense as he was pushing him back.
"Stop using the standard attacks! Use the unorthodox!"
The Sith without the cape then brought one blade overhead, he and the caped man held blades, then The Armored man brought his left saber from below, the caped man dodges it, then The Armored man dragged both sabers on the ground and slashed them up as he jumps over and makes a tiny mark on the Caped man's helmet.
"Good, now try and destroy my focus!" The Caped man Force Pushes him, The Armored man dashes left, The Caped man Force Pushes again, he moves right, Force Push again, jumps in the air, brings both blades down, they held blades.
The Armored man deactivates his Lightsabers and pushes the sabers close to the Caped Man's face,
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 94 19
Color of Darkness (Sabine Wren x Sith!MaleReader)
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away; on one of the moons of the planet Ryloth, there was a small colony. This colony was nearly undetectable by radar because it served a special purpose and consisted of a few small domed buildings, one as a barracks another as a training ground and one as a spaceport for those entering and exiting the colony. This colony served as a secret training facility for the Galactic Empire and it was especially secretive because it only housed one person. The training facility was about the size of an average marketplace, providing ample room for both ranged and melee combat. Completely dark on the inside, the door opened and you stepped inside. You were wearing a black hooded robe, the sound of the cloth moving echoing through the chamber along with your footsteps. Looking around into the darkness, your target was nowhere to be seen until you were about halfway into the room. Sensing something, you quickly pulled out your lightsaber and held it to your r
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 122 42
STR (Sabine Wren x M!BH!Reader) Troubled Pasts
Chapter 1: Nightshade
Valen Rudor was running for his life, he was in Capital City, he was pushing people out of the way.
"Trooper!" He yells to a Stormtrooper and his comrades.
"Officer Rudor? What seems to be the trouble sir?"
"There's a person after me! And I think he's-"
A laser hits him in the chest, knocking him back.
"SNIPER!" Citizens hide and scream.
Ezra Bridger was following the man also, he saved him from his TIE Fighter but Valen was attempting to kill the boy.
But before he could pull his blaster out, someone shot his shoulder.
And that leads us to here.
Stormtroopers get behind cover, they aim, "Where's the shooter?!"
"I don't see him! AH!" The Stormtrooper gets blasted in the face.
"I see him! UP THERE-" Blasted in the neck.
"Open fire!" They fire on the sniper.
But then a missile heads towards them, "TAKE COVER!"
The remaining five Stormtroopers were on the ground, t
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 80 7
The Breast Expansion Materia by expansion-fan-comics The Breast Expansion Materia :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 3,656 55


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