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I haven't used deviantART for a while though, that doesn't mean I don't like it. Same goes for twitter, myspace and all the others.  I have lived in San Diego, CA for most of my life. A few times, for short periods in life, I've lived in Iowa and sense of late August 2013 I've been living in Texas, near the city of Austin.  Now I'm going back to San Diego, CA -not to move back, I'm staying in Texas- to visit friends for Comic Con and attend a wedding of family members. 

It seems this whole time out in Texas, with all the cedar trees and the difference in weather.... my arthritis and fibromyalgia has gotten extremely worse. So, I haven't been able to draw that much or even use the keyboard and mouse to do digital art work *sigh* 

Anyways, I'll see you guys at Comic Con! - even though I don't have a badge - I'll be in the grass area in down town San Diego, right by the convention center building. Shooting photos, giving away free buttons, etc. 

Notice: Vampire Miaden (VM) stuff & maybe jewelry. I'll post on for which days and times.
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I'm seriously confused....
I've added folders, albums, images, etc. Soooo many times before... and today, I can't remember how to add a stupid album.

I don't want to add the drawings I've done under Characters or any of my other folders/Albums, I want to add these new drawings into an album named "Drawings" How Freaking Impossible Does This Have To Be?! OMFG Seriously, I am ticked, but more confused than anything.
I don't want to add the new images to an album I already have... I've added new ones before, so why the hell can't I add a new album now?

If anyone knows the answer to this other than calling me names like stupid, just please tell me how to add a freaking new album?! Thank you!
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***I am especially looking for people do draw the manga and help with the anime creation.***

I need good artists who are not pricy and who are wanting their art used for the anime book Vampire Maiden, which might also appear possibly in the anime V.M. Eternal Loss(which is possibly never being released, but might one day be real) along with other anime shows that have the Vampire Maiden Official characters with in. I my self am still not sure of what the anime shows will be called, but they will be alterations of the original story book.

To find more information about Vampire Maiden and read the book online(non-edited version), please check out ...also for character information, look through

I would appreciate it if most art for this project were donations because I do not have a lot of money. Though, every artist who submitted of art (if we use it) WILL be listed in the credits.

You can contact me through the guest book or email me directly.

For examples of what the characters look like, just view my albums or check out…

Thank you so very much for reading...

***I am especially looking for people do draw the manga and help with the anime creation.***
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The Vampire Maiden Web Site...

Has Art from different artists....  

Danni Rivera

Rei Quach

Alois Trancyhive

Ana Eagle

Yasmin, aka: Chise Midori Valderrama -Who has Cancer and needs to be prayed for T-T

... and last but not least, My Self, Melissa Carlisle aka: MCtheGirL.

These are the artists as of March 20, 2012!