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Sword of Discord Chapter 1


Sword of Discord Chapter 1

Sword of Discord: A Motif of Sacrifice and Noehyin Chronicles Crossover Chapter 1 Military Base on Frictos… Draeter, a red-haired dragon clad in tight-fitting, gray, camouflage suit that left nothing to the imagination, sat on a black leather chair in the control room of the space station guarding the spaceport. He was on the third and last day of duty and is extremely bored, as he preferred to be chasing down after the empire’s most wanted criminals or investigate the most dangerous crimes personally. However, the agency picked personnel randomly to be on guard, and Draeter was assigned to the current shift, thus, Draeter wa
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My Bio
Banner by WolfNatt

Bonjour ! McTaylis' here to say "Hello!" from France!

You're on the profile of a silly and crazy cartoon drawer, specialized in furry and muscle art!

I'm a big fan of reptiles but I can draw any kind of species, even human characters! Isn't it cool?

Drawing is for me a hobby I enjoy doing since 2009 and I'm happy to share some common interests with you!

I'm also working as WordPress and frontend web developer.

Besides being silly and crazy, the Frenshi doesn't bite, so feel free to start a conversation with me, whenever you want. Just try to not being weird in your topics or you're gonna make me feel uncomfortable.

You can call me McTaylis, David, Dave, Yash, Yetshi, Frenshi, ... I have plenty of nicknames, choose your favorite!

I'm a very quiet and shy person with self-consciousness issues in real life and the same happens here as well.

Don't expect me to leave feedback on your creation (it's pretty rare) or start a conversation, my mind isn't very social friendly and I'm afraid of people reactions for anything I do or say, even with close friends.

Before asking me any questions or ask to be my friend, please read this:

Top banner made by @WolfNatt

Favourite Movies
French and English comedy movies, action and sci-fi movies, La classe américaine, Tarantino movies
Favourite TV Shows
The A-Team, Ulysse 31, Friends, Kaamelott, Lost, Dr House, Person of Interest, The Big Bang Theory
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park, Klayton, Static-X, Hollywood Undead, Ludwig von 88, Eiffe65, Mass Hysteria, Sidilarsen, Rammstein, The Birthday Massacre, blessthefall, Daft Punk
Favourite Books
Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk, Rapture
Favourite Writers
John Lang, John Shirley
Favourite Games
Mario, DOOM, Zelda, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Dishonored, TeamFortress2, Sniper Elite, Half-Life, Left4Dead, UNO
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo64, GameCube, GameBoy Advance, Switch
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Pen tablet, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop CC
Other Interests
Reptiles, music (any style as long it's well composed)

Art status and websites

Requests: NO / Trades: Friends only / Commissions: CLOSED


Looking for more creations? Check my own-made websites!

I'm starting a new web developer job next week! Do no expect a lot of new art from me during next month.
I was looking at web design ideas for my own website and now, I better understand DA's choices for Eclipse. Big images, bold text, fullscreen search bar, empty spaces, semi-flat design (no border), half hidden navigation, bright colors, ... all of

New projects for Noeyihn Chronicles

New projects for Noeyihn Chronicles

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing fine! 2 years ago, the series of novels "Codename: Statyk" was put on hiatus for an undefined time. Today, I'm proud to announce that me and my team are working on new adventures of Yetshi and his friends! New stories @DemrontheArgonian and @Eduardo-A-Amazonas are currently working on new stories, taking place in serious universes of our multi-verse. The first one is a trilogy of stories focusing on Demron: his past, how he became Archangel, his meeting with Yetshi and new adventures. If things goes well, the first episode should be released later this year. The second project is a cross-over story where @Eduardo-A-Amazonas' characters are meeting Yetshi, Draeter and all military forces of Noéyihn. A first chapter has been released, you can read it here: New comics As I mentioned in a previous journal: I'm working on a big comic project, a very improved remake of my comic "Jailbreak", released 5 years ago. Now named "Artifacts", it's gonna

Favorite songs of the moment

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TheBMeisterHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey dude! Long time! Hope youre well :)
McTaylisHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey B!

Yeah, I'm doing fine, been busy with lot drawings lately.
How are you doing?
TheBMeisterHobbyist Digital Artist
Surviving for the most part XD Otherwise, Im doing well :)

Yea I noticed! Need to roll in commissions as much as you can at this point.
Good to hear from ya!

akatsuki2008Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the llama! stay safe!
McTaylisHobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! ;)
akatsuki2008Hobbyist Traditional Artist