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Reference - Audrey Spiacquio by McTaylis Reference - Audrey Spiacquio :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 28 2 Reference - Aurore McTaylis by McTaylis Reference - Aurore McTaylis :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 26 0 Reference - Yetshi McTaylis by McTaylis Reference - Yetshi McTaylis :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 51 2 Reference - Yash McTaylis by McTaylis Reference - Yash McTaylis :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 51 1
Codename: Statyk, Dawn of Justice - Epilogue


A door opens with a loud hiss, introducing Arthur Ketch once more to the crepuscular interior of a room he knew so well and had stepped into regularly. Ketch sports a silver mask he hardy took off, leaving only questions about his true appearance. His black coat drapes over his black pants and shoes, his hands are covered by black gloves. Tall and thin as he was made him an extremely agile, natural born killer, and trained since childhood to assassinate a target without failure, growing over the years as one of the best executioners the Syndicate could offer.
His master recognized Arthur’s talent long ago, and only the best could hope to satisfy his needs. Daily meetings, mission reports, and personal conversations were part of his usual work schedule; every step of their operations was meticulously planned. Here, his life had sense and purpose, trusting his special scaly master entirely, wanting to do his best to help c
:iconmctaylis:McTaylis 7 1
Noeyihn OST - Demos #1 by McTaylis Noeyihn OST - Demos #1 :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 20 8 Show off on the beach by McTaylis Show off on the beach :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 85 26 Buffed up sisters by McTaylis Buffed up sisters :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 97 7 Let's Rock! #8  (new design update) by McTaylis Let's Rock! #8 (new design update) :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 54 21 Flaming Nightmare by McTaylis Flaming Nightmare :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 46 9 Monthly Sketches - August 2018 by McTaylis Monthly Sketches - August 2018 :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 65 11 Buff Fan-art - Donald Duck by McTaylis Buff Fan-art - Donald Duck :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 82 12
Codename: Statyk, Dawn of Justice - Chapter 16

16. Moments Have You

Golden sunlight fell through the mosaic glass windows of the chapel, bathing everyone in a gentle cascade of colors. The air is vibrant and full of elation. Dozens and dozens of reptiles take their preselected seats as the pews slowly fill with spectators from the entrance to the altar. Today looks more than promising for a ceremony such as this.
“Is everything alright, Yetshi?” asks Yash, inquisitive yet calm.
The bounty hunter snaps out of his trance, of thoughts that were haunting him since the early morning hours, and things he should be putting aside for the sake of the happiest time of his life since goddess knows when.
“Alright? Uuh… Probably not..." he replies through a thin grin on his face, his throat sore and dry, "...considering the crap produced by my mind at the moment.” His twin simply nods, knowing how his brother must feel regarding the s
:iconmctaylis:McTaylis 6 0
Buff Fan-art - Falco Lombardi by McTaylis Buff Fan-art - Falco Lombardi :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 93 11 Free energy - by JoakimTheFzl by McTaylis Free energy - by JoakimTheFzl :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 59 17 Let's Rock #8 - 9 years of Yash by McTaylis Let's Rock #8 - 9 years of Yash :iconmctaylis:McTaylis 63 12

My creations by other artists

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Work in progress & Ideas

Personal projects
~ New adventure/MG comic of Yetshi
• Noéyihn's lore (world map, elements, music, ...)
• Codename Statyk reboot

• Généalogie Aisne
• PowerUP (on hold)

Live stream status

Close friends / watchers & stupid GIFs


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McTaylis's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Bonjour ! McTaylis' here to say "Hello!" from France!
You're on the profile of a silly and crazy cartoon drawer, specialized in furry and muscle art!
I'm a big fan of reptiles but I can draw any kind of species, even human characters! Isn't it cool? :la:

Drawing is for me a hobby I enjoy doing since 2009 and I'm happy to share some common interests with you!
I'm also working as WordPress and frontend web developer.

Besides being silly and crazy, the Frenshi doesn't bite, so feel free to start a conversation with me, whenever you want. Just try to not being weird in your topics or you're gonna make me feel uncomfortable.
You can call me McTaylis, David, Dave, Yash, Yetshi, Frenshi, ... I have plenty of nicknames, choose your favorite!

I'm a very quiet and shy person with self-consciousness issues in real life and the same happens here as well.
Don't expect me to leave feedback on your creation (it's pretty rare) or start a conversation, my mind isn't very social friendly and I'm afraid of people reactions for anything I do or say, even with close friends.

Before asking me any questions or ask to be my friend, please read this:

Buy Me a Coffee at

Back from vacation! What's next?

Fri Aug 24, 2018, 9:18 AM

Hello everyone and welcome to a new journal entry! :wave:

As you can see, I'm back from vacation and it was awesome!
Me and my friends discovered interesting places, learned new stuff, ate delicious food and chilled out in a peacefully place for a whole week, too bad it's already done!

I needed that to release stress and have a clear mind in order to think about my future projects, essentially my original characters redesign / reboot.

In the end, it's too hard to change your sona's name after such a long time having them, so Yetshi will stay Yetshi.
However, names will still change for Sirena, Dyshi and Koopark. I still have no clue for the two last ones, but Sirena is going to become Aurore and also the older sister of Audrey instead of her cousin.

So now I'm back on drawings, working on my OCs' redesign but I'm not going to show anything until I'm done.

Thank you for reading this! If you have questions, ideas, feedback, ... leave a comment down bellow.
See you next time!


I suppose we can call this "art thief": these Youtube channels are using muscle artists (including me) works without crediting us ->… &…
7 years later, I realize that my monitor isn't displaying colors correctly and has a bad brightness.
So you don't see my characters in the exact color tones I designed them, it's not a big issue but I'll have to find a better monitor to fix it.
"Codename: Statyk, Dawn of Justice" ended today with the epilogue, but this is not the end of the series.

My team is also working on a reboot, a bigger project than what we have created until now and we will need your help to make it live.
More info soon.
If you watch me on FurAffinity and don't know yet, I moved to a new account:…
Characters redesign is complete!
Next step is to complete a bunch of drawing showing the changes, and update the reference sheets.

But before releasing them, a new chapter of "Codename Statyk, Dawn of Justice" will be released today or tomorrow.


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