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Hanging out with an Elder Thing

A picture of me roasting marshmallows with an Elder Thing and two of the albino penguins from H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness". No sign of any shoggoths, though.
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So that's what happened to Lake!

My favorite story by him! And let's hope that the Shoggoth don't show up haha
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Do you think del Toro will ever make this film?

I think it's one of the Lovecraft stories that are able to become a good film, it's not so abstract as some of the others...
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I heard that the release of Prometheus, which borrows heavily from the story, resulted in him putting on hold or outright terminating the project (he was already  having trouble with getting studios to back the film).
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Yeah, but some time after Prometheus, he said something that he may still make it, but it has been a long time without any news now :(
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Wonderful picture! 
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Who, me, the penguins or the elder thing? :D
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