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Beside here, that is. I currently post semi-regularily on:

Those two are my Hanna is not a Boy's Name fanart and Ask blog. Yeah, still going after all those years. They're 100% Conrad in-character, but also roughly 90% me.

Tweet, tweet. I post more various fanart there and sometimes say a dumb thing in an attempt to be funny.

As you can tell, I just really like drawing fanart and saying dumb things.
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Ahhh yes. Anyone who's still watching me here from the Neverhood fandom will HAVE to back and/or spread the news about this Kickstarter project. A new claymation point-and-click adventure game. By Doug TenNapel and a lot of the other team members. And it's looking AMAZING.

Kickstarter: Armikrog. by Pencil Test Studios

The funding period ends June 27, 2013.

Just about everyone else who's watching me here: You'll still likely have run into Doug TenNapel and his art style in direct or indirect ways. Trust me. You'll at the very least want to give this project a look as well.

P.S.: Their Facebook page.

Edit: It's funded! Way to go, guys! <3
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In-Tays-Head did this one and I thought it would be kind of fun! Even though I cheated and tagged myself to talk a bit more about my two Badluck Demon misfits, and then each of them only gets four facts, and then I'm not tagging anyone at all, either! Tch.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names with the creators avatars.


- Sam's 88cm tall (2.9 feet), horns not included. He'll insist that he's actually a little bit taller than that.

- Sam really IS a High Level Demon, despite your understandable doubts. The thing is, it mostly just means he can blow stuff up, and that he has the certificate to prove it.

- Sam's goal in life is to become an Elder Demon, or possibly even a Legendary Demon. It is a very common goal in Demonland (yes, it's really called that). It means you can blow up even more stuff, and all the people lingering inbetween. Legendary Demons are super-rare and they're just ridiculously old and can brush through landscapes like a tornado.

- Sam has never actually killed any other demons, or even any small animals, shh. He's kicked a scorpion, though.


- Cecil is somewhere around 170cm (5.6 feet) tall, which really isn't all THAT tall, I guess.

- Cecil has five siblings, and possibly more family. He doesn't see them constantly, though, since he travels a lot, and his siblings don't.

- Cecil's kind is a demonic sub-species, which probably sounds surprising, seeing that most inhabitants of Demonland all look completely different anyway.

- Cecil does not actually have bad eyesight at all (as his name secretly suggests), but he's not just wearing the goggles for the fun of it, either.

Badluck Demon has a… (dA group) now! And I didn't make it myself! :D So, check it out, haha. It was founded on Friday the 13th, which I find mighty marvellous.

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Hey guyyyyys, this just in. Alan Marriott, voice-guy and improv master, has written a book and it's out for purchase now! I drew stuff for it..! :D

Check out Alan's website to read what it's about, and there's even a sample chapter.

Basically, if you're interested in improvised theatre and music, or setting up good story arcs and characters, or generally in freeing up your mind to get inspired, or a fan of Alan Marriott (hehe) this might be the book for you.

Ordering Info!

240 pages, 85 illustrations, 60 games!
Costs: UK £10 / CAN $20

Edit 06/2010: You can now order it on the… (Biz Books website), too! Isn't that something!

You can also buy the book at Alan's weekly Sunday Crunchy Frog workshops at a discount, if you're lucky enough to live near Vancouver! I'm sure you can contact him about exact dates on those if you're interested.

Thanks for reading, please spread the word..!
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Wow, outdated journal is outdated, so I'll quickly generate a new entry to inform you all that I once again was in/around London from the 1st to the 10th o'Jan, to continue my stalkerish Alan fangirl duties from last March while he was around town. It was made possible via the generous hosting of The Pyreo.

It was marrrrvellous in many ways. :D
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