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About the Back to Gaya DVD

Okay, now that I have the German, UK and American version of the DVD (yes, I love the movie THAT much), it's time to do some sorted comparison. |~~|

Little reminder: Back to Gaya is just one of the Most-Honest-Cutest movies about friendship I've ever seen, and it just gets better the more you rewatch it. Thus, make sure you bring your inner child, and DON'T expect it to fling one gag after the other - there's some action, some adventure, a LOT of warmth, a few deep moments, and a comfortable subtle amount of silly. And the characters.. are plain LOVE. You HAVE to see them in motion to understand that, trust me.

It's also the first German full-length CGI movie, and remember that they did NOT have a lot of budget for it, which is why I extra-adore them for managing to do this despite everything.

Ambient Entertainment's second movie is Urmel aus dem Eis ("Impy's Island" in English), and THAT one is majorly cute, too. Be warned, though, that one is a PLAIN kids movie which turns any potential deep moment into a silly moment, so if that's not your kind of thing... ya know. Out since the 3rd August in Germany!

On that note, Ambient Entertainment also are a bunch of Super Awesome People. Their art department (and friends) also have art blogs to check out! Die Bilderwumme and Die 30 Heimer.

Okay now, back to the Gaya DVDs. If you know any of the other localized versions, tell me what's on there? I'd love to know... |^^|;

Title: Back to Gaya
Length: 97 minutes
Language & Subtitles: German only

TONS of extras and really nice packaging/menu design. Extras include commentary (all in German, of course), big fat step-by-step Making Of, music video by Frameless (their song "Hooray" fits the movie just SO perfectly), interviews with some of the voice actors, "Crank & Ratner" short movie,  DVD-ROM part with posters for printout, a screensaver and a demo for the Back to Gaya game, in English.

If you buy the Special Edition… you also get the WHOLE game coming with it, but let me tell you that you should only buy that if you want to be amused how terribly OFF the game is, and how terribly GENERIC. And the German voices for the game are awful and random. Seriously. I bought it anyway, to be amused by the BAD, and since the places from the movie are pretty detailed and explorable. And you can use the slingshot and stare at Zino's butt for hours, heh. The English version of the game is still awfully off - but it's got the movie voice actors, at least. Except Alanta.

English (UK)…
Title: Boo, Zino & The Snurks
Length: 91 minutes
Language & Subtitles: English only

Well... I think we can say this version ain't so great, compared to the others. The cover looks thrown-together (this saddens me), there's no extras on the DVD, and in general, for ALL other languages, I believe, the movie is six minutes shorter than the German version. They also put the title-logo into the intro sequence rather clutzily.

I've heard similar terrible things about the Dutch version, but I don't have proof there.

BUT. The movie was MADE for English lip synching, so you don't have to worry about bad dubbing - the voices are awesome. |^^|

English (US)…
Title: The Snurks
Length: 91 minutes
Language & Subtitles: English only

Pretty cover and menu, SOME extras (slimmed down Making Of, and a presentation of walking circles/voice tests of the main characters - which is an extra that ISN'T on the German DVD), and.. nicely done. Much better than the UK version. |^^|;

...that's all I can think of for now. Look at my previous journal entries for more babbling on the movie. And.. if you ever watch it, and you are an old-school gamer on top of that, look for the Zak McKracken reference in the News ticker when Chad and Valerie talk in the movie. |^^|; I just thought that was great, hehheh. TWO-HEADED SQUIRREL TERRORIZES SEATTLE!

And now, other people on dA who drew Back to Gaya FanArt:
Single picture occurances (as far as I can tell):
Please tell me if I missed someone or if you drew fanart, too..!
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Rikafu19 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007  Professional Filmographer
I did some MOTU art you might interested in
HollyRoseBriar Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2006
I got some Back to Gaya fanart done (finally!) :D I think you might find it interesting...
In-Tays-Head Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[link] There's another one. X3;

(... BLARGH, it's late! *flees to bed* u_u; )
ebell1 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006  Hobbyist
You added me! Sqeee thank you! ( i will finish my comic this weekened the smelly saga of Poppin Lee hehehe )
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