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Talia and Orko

Whew, it's been a while that I've posted anything on here, hasn't it?

This is Talia - :iconcrystal-ball53:'s OC - and Orko from Masters of the Universe.

My part of an art trade!
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Hey there! I arrived here from your NeverhoOd fanpage. Great job you did there, very impressive! I came here, not only to see if you were still around, not only to check and compliment your art, that is really really nice, but also to say...

You know the page with Willie Trombone's story? When he said "But Willie know what good. Yeees!", I heard the thing again, carefully, and I think it said "But Willie know what to do. Yeees!" Now I know this is VERY nitpicky, I just thought I'd mention this.

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*sees an upload from mct*
MY DEAR OLD HEART! *has a heart attack* 

Uhhh I mean... COOL!
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[oo] Trobblins from Trobbla.

~Zroonskobbs and the Fompch
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I know I already said it but I'm saying it again.
I love this so much, I always found it hard to grasp Trollan emotions since their faces are usually always covered but you got this spot on!
My part will be coming soon but we should definitely do another one sometime. 
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Hey wow! It's been a while since I've seen anything fro you. :D