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UPDATE: (D18M11Y2o20) Since the Flash Player has gone the way of the dodo, I've converted this into a downloadable and put it on! I hope to find a better way later on, i.e. redo the whole dang thing and make it more ridiculous with tons more questions and options while I'm at it, but for how this'll have to do. The SWF version can still be downloaded here, but any updates on this from now on will most likely be found on! Does this make me a GameDev yet? Hmm.


Do you know those journal memes that tell you to list ten or so of your friends and then answer some questions with them in? Like, "If 3 and 6 baked a cake together, what flavor is it?"

This is a generator of such questions. You put in some names of your friends, copy-paste (or rewrite) the ten questions it throws together for you, and then answer them somewhere. If you like this little assistent, it'd be grand if you could link back here so that others can find it.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the ideas, and the ones who came up with the original memes of that kind.

Also everyone who commented, faved and shared their crazy questions and answers! Very fun to watch. :D

Edit: (Do2Mo3Y2o10) Messed a bit with the coding (it now remembers names for the next round!), and added some more placeholders. Hope everything still works as, well, much as it did before.

Edit: (Do3M1oY2o08) I DID fix a few of the smaller problems, but kept forgetting to upload it! But, here we go.

Mysteries of the Meme:

"How did you do this?"
I'm not a big programmer, so those aren't really all that hard to make. You WILL need to know how dynamic textfields in Flash work, and then there's a non-fatal buttload of random and not-so-random variables, arrays, and a bunch of if-thens. And maybe a for-loop or two. I apologize if this isn't much help. Also, mind you, I kept the programming simple - the meme's dumbness can be half the fun, I mean, come ON, don't tell me you took this meme and expected SERIOUS questions.

"It didn't use some of the names I put in!"
FIXED! It won't just ignore any of the names you picked anymore. For the moment at the cost of the name order not being randomized, but I'll change that again as I redo the coding of this thing.

"It used the same name twice in one question!"
FIXED! No more evil twins. Or at least, it's far more unlikely now. After all, evil twins DO exist.

"A question showed up twice or more!"
Not fixed yet, but it doesn't seem all that fatal for the moment.

"The program skipped a question, or I pressed "Next" too early! Can you put in a Back button?"
If I ever redo the thing completely, there'll be more varied questions, placeholders, and I'll see what's the best way to solve this. Until then, good luck, and don't press "Next" too early.

Questions not making sense, being awkward as heck, not using proper grammar:
Make the best of it. :)
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If you could do anything with Toad, what would it be?

Just marvel at how dang cute he and Frog are together.

Or maybe swim with him, or woo his seeds.

What would you do without Reigen?

I would certainly miss his funny antics and his

kindness and somehow wisdom. He is the kindest con-man!

How would Frog insult Snail?

- You were supposed to deliver my love letter!

(But seriously, Frog is not the kind to insult others)

If Teruki played in a movie, what kind of character would they play?

The repented villain or the cool outlaw that fell for

the pretty lawful boy, duh!

What was your first impression of Turtle?

She's so mean!

Who would be a better superhero sidekick between Shigeo and Teruki, and why?

Oh, both would be great, but for different reasons:

Shigeo would be the kind voice of empathy and reason with

a surprising badass side,

And Teruki would already be a badass, but loyal and trusting

of his mentor and rejoicing in seeing them succeed.

Would you marry Rick?

Hum...No. He is too unhealthy. But I wish him the best

of luck. He isn't all bad.

Who would be a better superhero sidekick between Snail and Frog, and why?

Frog, because he is outspoken and very good to everyone.

That being said, Snail is devoted to his job.

Jerry is actually Turtle in disguise, you know.

WHAAT? That kinda makes sense. Jerry does crave a time

to feel superior, sometimes. It's not all to Rick.

Doofus Rick is actually Frog in disguise, you know.

Wouldn't be surprised.