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HinaBN - Ooh you make me live

Hanna is not a Boy's Name

Hanna + Queen lyrics + Valentine's Day go well together.

HinaBN © Tessa Stone
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Eeeeee! So great!
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Ah, this makes me miss Hanna, and drawing the characters from it!
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Ahhhh every time I see really rad fanart of HiNaBN I get both really hyped and really sad. Because awesome art like this makes me fall in love with the series all over again, but then i remember it dropped off the face of the earth ah haha.
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Aw, thanks! And I feel you, man. I really do miss it, too. But at least Tessa came back with an all-new comic, and while she still can't talk about what happened with HinaBN, she loves her Hanna crew and her humor hasn't changed at all, and that makes me a little more glad about everything.
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I didn't know she had a new comic, cool~
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The reaction I was hoping for. :]
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I mean, wow. How often does this cold hunter say something like that? XD (I wouldn't doubt it if he said stuff like this to his pet ferret, though)
I can just picture that earlier he was told that he had to say this line and was a bit irritated/disgusted. So, here he is, hours/days later "I-REALLY-LOVE-YOU!--okay, I'm done."

For a second, I thought you had rated my comment. XD
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Bwahaha. My sig comes to many uses.

Abner is totally there for the money, but he refused to be in the same panel with any vampires. They'd still sing the lyrics, but there'd be carnage going on.
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Epic musical. Carefree music and mortal kombat action.
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this is just too cute XD ahhh
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