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Because Norns are just so much cuter in my mind. Like little bunny-gorillas.

...with really big eyes.

Creatures © Creature Labs/Cyberlife/Gameware/confusing

Inked and colored in Flash.
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© 2007 - 2022 mct421
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Reminds me of a little monkey~ Which sort of Norn is this one?
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Ah, Awesome! Fav'ed and converted to wallpaper :D
mct421's avatar
Oooh, cool! :)
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GOSH! That's what norns look like for sure <3 Where's the mommy-hand ready to tickle? XD I love this piece <3
Lolita-La-Lapin's avatar
i really want to hug him >w<
CyberneticCupcake's avatar
I loved Creatures when I was a kid!

The idea of life in my hands was an intriguing one.

I cried when they died, went WTF (not quite, but felt it) when weird things happened, and felt warm and fuzzy when a creature was born. :heart:

I love your big-eyed bunny-rilla.
I love Creatures.
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sweet and different style of norn ^^
very cute ^^
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Heh, looks really good, horribly cute. Amazing work with the colors and great work with the expression.
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I love your take on the norns! Eyes... so... shiny...
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Holy carp that is adorable! I want one so I can name him George; and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him, and force cheese down his throat when he forgets how to eat.
SylverPheonix's avatar
.............Holy carp?
Officer-1BDI's avatar
...Y'know, I can't even remember why I typed that, or if I even meant to type that. =P
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Very cute! I wanna hug 'im! [^^]

I never quite got the hang of the Creatures game. I would have liked it much better if you could pick up the Norns. They never went where I wanted them to, no matter how much I tried that... whistling thing or whatever it was you did to tell the creature you wanted it to come, and I just made them ballistic when I tried to smack them into going where I wanted them to.
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I can't say I played that game very well, either, and I never felt the need to try the games past Creatures 1. There's cheats for picking them up and tons of other stuff, but I don't know much about them - Tak probably knows much better how that works. |^^|;
In-Tays-Head's avatar
I do know how to activate the cheats, but you have to edit the registry. XD Which is a pain in the butt.
HollyRoseBriar's avatar
That would be cool, but I don't know if I have the program anymore. Mom might have kept it somewhere....
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have no clue what it is but it's ssssssssoooooooooo cute
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It is a Norn. |^^| [link]

It's from a game named "Creatures" that basically lets you hatch those little guys and teach them to eat and play and breed and they have a certain amount of "intelligence" to actually come up with their own ideas.. or they die from stupid.
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ahhhhh i see sorry i am lame
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Nah.. it's just one of many obscure things and fandoms I know about. |^^|;
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D'aww, they really WERE cute. Well... probably more like bang in the middle of adorable and grotesque. But THIS one is cute. I like the added gorilla-ness.

It looks like he's trying to make sure we're watching when he eats the carrot so that he gets tickled afterwards. If we don't tell him that eating is a GOOD THING he might die. :/
mct421's avatar
Hehheh, yeah. "I know how to eat this carrot. I'll do my part if you'll do yours."

I hate it when they learn all sorts of clever things and then die because they just don't get the concept of "pushing their food". |==|;
Pyreo's avatar
Sometimes when *I* eat I think ';push food'.

Game infltrated my brain!

"Push food"
"Eem foo dat"
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