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Sonic the Hedgehog #255 Pg.18 Remix

Bunnie remembers everything from her old life that happened before Sonic's world was completely changed. Devastated, she collapses and embraces her husband, Antione. This is my version of a page from a recent Sonic comic. The original was done by theFranchize, aka Jerry Gaylord. Taking a quick gallery walk on his profile, I can see that this guy is a really talented artist, but I found his artwork in the Sonic comic a bit lacking. I've seen this happen with many artists, where their art style suffers from the transition of working with detailed human anatomy and then drawing  cartoony Sonic characters...just Google "archie sonic pro-art" and you'll see what I'm talking about No, I disagree! 

Anyways, not to be egotistical or anything, but I'm probably more used to drawing in the "Sonic" style than he is, and I've always wanted to try my hand at drawing a page for Archie Sonic, so I made my own version.


-More "correct" proportions, especially where Bunnie is concerned
-I didn't have to worry about deadlines or other pages, so I got to spend as much time as I wanted on it
-I added my own touches, such as the first flashback showing the "classic" Bunnie design to tie the flashbacks to her first appearance in the comics (the original by Gaylord showed Bunnie in her design she had right before the world reboot)


-Unlike the professional artist, I was working with 11X8.5" paper, which is smaller than the industry standard art board, so my artwork was more cramped and I was unable to fit some of the details in I wanted (To put it in perspective, the main picture of Bunnie on my page was probably about the same size as the flashback pictures of Bunnie on Gaylord's page)
-No script, no editorial direction, so I was basing it almost 100% on the original and was unable to give it a truly fresh attempt (as well as possibly doing things that would have been changed further on down the production line anyway)
-I'm not as good with drawing hands
-A bit sloppier and the panel composition doesn't have the same methodical decompressed look as the original

Final thoughts on my ridiculously long description: This was a very powerful and emotional scene in this comic (or for any Sonic comic; it's the only completely wordless page I can recall seeing in the past 8+ years I've been following Sonic's comic adventures). I wanted to do it justice, so I tried my best. Is this definitively better than the original? No. That's why I call this a remix and not a remake.

Congratulations, you've completed my long-winded descriptionSonic La 

EDIT: Heeeey, Gaylord put up his original version of this page! It's interesting to note the changes that occurred after the fact, notably that Bunnie's deroboticization was changed to match the original scene more closely. I can't link to it properly for some reason, but I highly recommend checking it out to compare ;)

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A very nice interpretation of the original page, did you find interest in the part where Sally receives the old memories? (next issue)
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Oh no, I haven't picked up that issue yet! SPOILERS AAAAGHHHHH. Lol, seriously though, thanks for the feedback. Don't feel bad about the spoiler, though, I already saw it coming from a mile away, I just panicked a little Sweating a little... 
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K, I've read the issue now. Crisis averted Wink/Razz 
rapidthehedgehog3's avatar
Ah, sorry for that :P At least you have seen it now :) But yeah no problem, it is a good page!