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Beipia the Older Beipiaosaurus



Beipia is an older and wise purple Beipiaosaurus with his big yellow weighty belly. He is knowledge dinosaur of Bouncing Valley and anything. He teaches Theo, Palo, Diana, Chasy and Stely will bouncers with their big weighty bellies when they eat Purple Magical Berries. He makes the Magical Berries (Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple and White) on the bushes with butterflies and ladybugs helpers. If he saw the Bellisaurs are troubles by a nasty Velociraptor, he use to drink a secret water and make him grow/bloated to save them and got away Velciraptor, then he back his size, the Bellisaurs tell to ask him what happens but he tell them later about a secret waters. After Bellisaurs return from the forest, Beipia was to see his good friend Boobie return and meet his wife Moonie.
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Beipia is male right