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the rendering is nice but it seems the muscles are way too defined for this kind of animal, it looks like its supposed to be some kind ...

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Cretalamna Colored by Mcraelodon Cretalamna Colored :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 14 0 Cretalamna sketch by Mcraelodon Cretalamna sketch :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 9 1 Cretoxyrhina Muscle Speculation by Mcraelodon Cretoxyrhina Muscle Speculation :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 33 34 Megalodon Muscle And Skull Speculation by Mcraelodon Megalodon Muscle And Skull Speculation :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 58 1 Cretoxyrhina 2018 by Mcraelodon Cretoxyrhina 2018 :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 38 7 big boy casts a shadow by Mcraelodon big boy casts a shadow :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 25 3 Clear Tyrannosaurus by Mcraelodon Clear Tyrannosaurus :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 23 1 Blackbeard by Mcraelodon Blackbeard :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 41 11 Cretalamna appendiculata by Mcraelodon Cretalamna appendiculata :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 49 1 Venom by Mcraelodon Venom :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 19 6 Livyatan agAIN by Mcraelodon Livyatan agAIN :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 44 1 Cretoxyrhina Reference (inaccurate) by Mcraelodon Cretoxyrhina Reference (inaccurate) :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 38 7 Cladoselache by Mcraelodon Cladoselache :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 35 2 messy allosaurus by Mcraelodon messy allosaurus :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 17 3 Colored Carcho by Mcraelodon Colored Carcho :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 31 4 terzi by Mcraelodon terzi :iconmcraelodon:Mcraelodon 2 0


SHARKWEEK: Tiger Shark by squeedgemonster SHARKWEEK: Tiger Shark :iconsqueedgemonster:squeedgemonster 2,135 117 SHARKWEEK: Bramble Shark by squeedgemonster SHARKWEEK: Bramble Shark :iconsqueedgemonster:squeedgemonster 2,580 94 02 - Nightmares of the extinct ocean by Astral-Requin 02 - Nightmares of the extinct ocean :iconastral-requin:Astral-Requin 242 21 Sharks size by SameerPrehistorica Sharks size :iconsameerprehistorica:SameerPrehistorica 97 11 White Sharks by Astral-Requin White Sharks :iconastral-requin:Astral-Requin 395 40 Galagadon by Stolpergeist Galagadon :iconstolpergeist:Stolpergeist 164 13 Commission: Walking with Dinosaurs Allosaurus by FredtheDinosaurman Commission: Walking with Dinosaurs Allosaurus :iconfredthedinosaurman:FredtheDinosaurman 818 64 Prehistoric shark size comparison  by kumarkiranb356 Prehistoric shark size comparison :iconkumarkiranb356:kumarkiranb356 7 0 A New Umbyrth by Umbreeunix A New Umbyrth :iconumbreeunix:Umbreeunix 23 0 Just Swimming by KakazDal Just Swimming :iconkakazdal:KakazDal 35 13 Dragon Concept Art by CameronDillon Dragon Concept Art :iconcamerondillon:CameronDillon 79 16 Shark Massacre by SharkeyTrike Shark Massacre :iconsharkeytrike:SharkeyTrike 173 10 Happy Shark by LDN-RDNT Happy Shark :iconldn-rdnt:LDN-RDNT 78 9 Africanaspis by PrehistoryByLiam Africanaspis :iconprehistorybyliam:PrehistoryByLiam 149 13 Lissodus Shark by kyoht Lissodus Shark :iconkyoht:kyoht 760 48 Hooman Angel by Umbreeunix Hooman Angel :iconumbreeunix:Umbreeunix 109 19



Cretalamna Colored
colored that cretalamna sketch
feel free to use this for sillohettes or whatever as long as credit to the original artist (me) is given 
Cretoxyrhina Muscle Speculation
another shark muscle restoration 
this time cretoxyrhina and i did two because acording to the first reference the two most likely modern relatives of this shark are either alopias (thresher sharks) and pseudocarcharias (crocodile shark) 

papers used as reference:  Shimada, K. (1997). Skeletal Anatomy of the Late Cretaceous Lamniform Shark, Cretoxyrhina mantelli, from the Niobrara Chalk in Kansas. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 17(4), 642-652. Retrieved from

    Wilga, C.D. “Morphology and Evolution of the Jaw Suspension in Lamniform Sharks.”     The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering    , Wiley-Blackwell, 6 May 2005,

Achebe, Ikechukwu B. (2012) "Cranial Musculature in Extant Crocodile Shark, Pseudocarcharias kamoharai (Lamniformes: Pseudocarchariidae) and its Evolutionary Implications," DePaul Discoveries: Vol. 1 : Iss. 1 , Article 5. 
Megalodon Muscle And Skull Speculation
Carcharocles skull and muscle anatomy using lamna as a reference since otodontids are a sister group to or actually are lamnids and lamna is the more basal genus of the group
yellow: preorbitalis, its actually two muscles but are lumped here because they are divided into dorsal and ventral sections
green: quadratomandibularis, also split into dorsal and ventral portions 
dark blue: levator palatoquadrati
light blue: levator hyomandibularis
pink: epaxialis
Cretoxyrhina 2018
the most up to date cretoxyrhina to my knowledge, tail and slimmed down physique based on svp abstracts and notes from someone who went to the talk. specifically tristan from the saurian discord server so i trust their word on the content of the talk 
the talk talked about how cretoxyrhina's tail morphology was most similar to that of isurus which are modern makos and it was suggested that its build was more similar to makos than to white sharks 



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