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Hey guys, haven't made a journal in almost a year haha, been dealing with a lot this past year and have sequestered most of my social interaction on the internet to twitter tbh. Anyways, I've been through a lot of growing up during this time of absence, I feel like I've become much smarter and wiser in just a year, with still so much room to grow, and I am excited to show you that in my new works. 

The end of Doodles for the Soul: 
    I decided that I would no longer work on the project, I know, I know, I'm less than 10 pieces away from finishing it, but when I was thinking of what to do it felt very forced. I didn't like that, at all because the main reason I started the project was to do whatever I wanted. However the constant criticism from others and myself, self doubt, and also personal life matters made it harder to feel free in what I could do. And I know A LOT of you guys did not criticize me for every small detail and whatnot, but the negative comments affected me so much because I had no confidence in what I was doing. With that I wanted to start a new series of work, very similar to the soul doodles, but this time pieces that I feel like I don't have to justify with stuff like "oh but I only had like 2 hours," "I do this every day and I just ran outa ideas today" etc etc.

Enter Soul Drawings: 
    Probably should choose a better name that can make a unique hashtag but that's what I got for now haha. These drawings will have more narrative, and some may even go together for once. Also I will be using recurring characters because I am currently working (slowly) on another project that I will not talk more about until I make enough progress that I know I won't get bored of one day. For now you'll likely see the characters, mostly out of context but that's okay haha. Anyways, so far I feel quite proud of the work I've been making and that's a new but amazing feeling so I hope to keep that going. If that feeling ever should fade, I will be ending the project and moving onto another instead of trying to force something that just isnt working, just a heads up haha. Also, comments will be enabled again from now on cause I dont care about little shitters anymore. 

For those who've missed my recent posts here's the soul doodles I've posted here: 

ecdysis by mcptato  Touched by mcptato

Possibility of Prints??:

    In December, after my finals I plan to put up a couple of prints on either redbubble or society6 (unless you can recommend a better option). I might also put up an exclusive print for here on deviantART only so I never have to pay for a membership again! hahah.

For the doodles, some of them won't be available to get as prints because I was careless at times and saved files smaller by accident haha. But that's only I think 3  of the 300+ doodles I did. I'm still looking to get a printer of my own so I can print individual drawings per request but thats for either summer or winter of 2019. 

I have two more weeks of school, so I probably won't be answering any comments until then. But thank you so much for sticking around and the support. I'm still amazed my shitty doodles became something greater, forever thankful, thank you very much (: 

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Ultimately, doing Doodles for the Soul is up to you. If I may give my two cents, giving up entirely on it may not be necessary. For example, I have a series of pieces I am working on and I recently lost inspiration for it. Simply waiting for the inspiration to return, be it a couple of days or a couple of months etc., is not only normal it's totally a decision that might help the art progress further. Again, should you still decide not to take up the Doodles later, that's cool too. :) I just thought I might share some thoughts. I look forward to more stuff from you :D
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Doing what you want is the key to happiness and inspiration! :hug: :la:

Your art is GORGEOUS and I will keep following it no matter what you do! :love: :heart:
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Being proud of your work is an amazing feeling, and an elusive one. If you've found a way of achieving it, I say go for it and don't worry about if it's not what others want you to make, and certainly don't worry about whether it quite fits the parameters or original name of your earlier project.

That said, it sounds to me like you didn't end doodles for the soul, so much as you just morphed it into a better, healthier version of itself. And that's no bad thing. 
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oh, it's a shame that you're discontinuing the series, but I understand your reasoning and wish you all the luck & inspiration for future plans and projects! :)

also good luck with the last weeks of school!