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Hey all, just wanna let you know that I've made a telegram art channel for posting mostly sketches.
Even though I've been off and on mia for the past 3 years I've been drawing a lot and love to sketch.
Being able to upload via my phone (to telegram) is super easy for me and I just want to share my art
with those who are interested in looking at it ^^

Telegram link:
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What exactly is Telegram? :? is it a kind of Instagram?
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telegram is like a messaging app! but they also have a feature where you can make a channel so how I use it is very similar to instagram ^^
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Oh I see. :3 I never had heard of it. Thank you for telling me.
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It's a kind of messenger. You can chat with your friends or create groups. Also there are lots and lots of different channels on absolutely any interest. It can be as the entertaining channel or the some author's channel devoted to his/her works of any kind

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Ohhh that sounds interesting!:D I might check it out. XD Thank you for telling me!
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