Likely going to be MIA till summer

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hey guys just wanted to post a journal to let you know im not dead! I've just been working on commissions and making money on my alt account Reilukah (you're free to follow me there, but theres a lot of furries cause they just pay so damn well!) 

Honestly, I'm in a terrible financial situation and it has been super difficult the past couple months, but please know that I will get back in action as soon as I can and also when I do come back, prints will be available soon after as I've been looking into art printers gradually over the past year. 

Hope you're all doing well!!! 

Also I'm on twitter so even tho I don't post much finished art, there usually are some doodles and what not I put up every once in a while, also I like to rant there so you're free to join me and chat!!

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Thanks for letting us all know, hope everything works out, can't wait to see you regularly posting your artwork again <'3
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Hope things get better for you, wishing you the best <3 :hug:
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Hey Tato, good to hear from you again. Though you’re in a bit of a bind I’m certain you’ll recover out of it. But obviously take the time you need, bills wait for no one, but you’ll still have our support while you’re away. Though I might have to check out that alt account, (I found the friend tab humorous). 
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Wish you the best Mariah! Huggle! 
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I really hope your situation gets better and that you solve all the problems :hug: Thanks for the links so we can follow you on other platforms!
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sorry about the money situation! hope things get better for ya :D
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Hope all sorts out for you soon!
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Hope things work out
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