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Hey guys just wanted to put out a reminder that I actually don't really use this site ever other than to post every once and a while and then I leave. I'm really bad at responding to comments, notes and basically most social interactions here haha.

on insta and twitter i also go by @ mcptato

I also just post unfinished stuff, wips and other things there too so yeah. Lets hang out! I'd like to get to interact with my followers for once haha (deviantart kinda sucks about that, at least for now until the huge update, like comment threads are just no more?? it hurts to navigate through this site sometimes)
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Instant Potatoes are being followed. ^_^
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i am myself use twitter and ig more often , glad to find you there
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OK. While I am saddened that Deviantart's best years are past it, I totally understand. I will follow you on Instagram. :thumbsup:
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I already follow you on Instagram, now I'm going to follow you on Twitter too
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I feel like so many people move on from deviantArt...........which I totally can undestand xD
Gave you a follow on IG, your work is amazing ! : )
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Followed on insta
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