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Hey guys! Figured I'd make a FAQ because I'm terrible at answering comments and honestly get a bit of anxiety from the want but inability to. 

Hopefully most of the things you want to ask will be answered here! To best utilize this FAQ use ctrl+f (idk what it is for mac users) to help you find a question you may have! 
I will be updating this journal as I remember and get more questions that need answering! 

What tools do you use?
For my 365DoodlesfortheSoul I use:
  • - wacom cintiq 13HD/intuos pro small
  • - Photoshop CC 2015
  • - Moleskine, mostly the 2.5x4inch sketchbok. (The paper rips super easily, not recommended for heavy duty drawing)
For traditional paintings I vary a lot. My favorite are:
  • -Holbein artist's gouache
  • -Leningrad watercolors
  • -Dr. Ph Martins Hydrus watercolors 
Speaking of traditional paintings, why don't I see many in your gallery here, why won't you post them here?
I usually post my traditional art on instagram and twitter because I feel like at the moment it disrupts the unity of my deviantART gallery. I also don't have a working scanner so those sites are very accepting of terrible photo documentation of said traditional art pieces. Sometimes I upload some via my status updates on deviantART. Though I appreciate the support I ask that you please stop asking for me to post them here. 

How do you not run out of ideas for your 365DoodlesForTheSoul Project? Any tips?

Well I honestly feel like I run out of ideas a lot (hah) but usually during the drawing process I conjure up some sort of concept and go with it. However I do get a lot of inspiration from music and poetry, which maybe you can already see from my work. My advice is to get inspired by anything and everything, you may see a pencil but what does it do? What does it represent? What does it mean to you and to the random person across the room? Make stories with your art! Draw from life and reference (with proper credits ofc). If all else fails just start doodling, let your subconscious guide you and a concept will form as long as you let it! 

Hey you missed a doodle day! Did you give up?
Nooooo I'm just human!
But honest, I haven't really had problems with people saying this yet. However I want to put this in the FAQ so people know that this project isn't a strict daily doodle challenge. I will be starting college in the Fall and may totally miss a few days. I hope you can understand, school comes first (mainly cause it costs sooooo much) 

I want to be as good as you! How do I get there? Tips? 
First of all, don't say that. I'm not that great for that kind of praise haha (Though I am flattered that you'd say things like that!). As for honest tips, I would say do not compare yourself to others. That's one way to demotivate and/or stagnate you, because you will feel either too inferior or too good to want to improve. Like all other artists say, practice from life, practice all the time, carry a doodle journal blah blah. Simply put, you need to try and put in effort. It doesn't matter how you do it because that's the wonder of art; the ability to do things differently. So what works for you might not work for others, remember improving is not about others. Improving is about you and the work you make and so long as you don't lose sight of that you will improve.  

You should do tutorials/videos on your process/Where are they?

I upload time-lapse videos of traditional sketches and paintings on my insta and twitter and digital speed-paints on my youtube but otherwise no thank you. I don't find process tutorials beneficial as an education tool because it teaches the viewers how to copy a style rather than develop their own. I don't want you guys copying me, get your own style! But really my style isn't that great you could probably come up with a better one yourself (: 

What's this comic/story "Divide By 0" I've been seeing around your gallery?
A story that I've been slowly working on and developing for the past 6 years! More details will be revealed towards the end of my 365DoodlesForTheSoul project.

Do you take commissions/requests/trades/do art for others?
If you pay for my college tuition, I'll consider it. Otherwise it's a no for now. 

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