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Hey all, been a while, what's up?

I've got at least two more works to post as well. Not saying I'm back, but I'll be here for a little while! 

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Beautiful! ✨

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The colors in this are absolutely gorgeous. It’s nice to see you posting on DA btw!! Even though you said this doesn’t officially mean you’re back I still think your art is always a delight to see in my watch feed or whatever you call it lol
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why did I read gross instead of gorgeous

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This is an amazing piece! The goo coming down the body is rather beautifully colored. The goo on the face being red is a very clever idea. The cloudy eyes staring is also an interesting touch. Great concept!

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Just in case you decide to stay, welcome back :)

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Oh my gosh, I've missed you! I absolutely love your art! And this one is just as beautiful. I can feel this character's humiliation and anxiety of all the judging eyes of her. Sad, but gorgeous!

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I'm not sure, what this pic suppost to mean, but looks great.

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Read the title lmao

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Looks really cool!

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Youve been sorely missed. I have always loved your vivid use of color as an emotional cue!

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Thank you!! It’s glad to be back to posting. still not sure if I’ll be able to post regularly but I can surely bang out something every week or two. Thanks for sticking around! 😊

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Know what you mean, from a writing perspective. Still trying to get back to my story. But the bottom line is that your artwork has always been worth the wait, so don't expect me to run off any time soon.

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This is stunning! It's nice to see your work again ^^

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Thank you! And thanks for sticking around, means a lot 😊

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I'm in love with this piece!!! The colors, the lighting, the gooey-ness of the liquid! This is such a fabulously stunning piece. :heart:

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Thank you 🥰

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Completely amazing, light colors in the middle of an endless darkness giving shape to a human. Really, good job!!! ヽ(´∀`。)ノ
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Thank you so much!

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