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Empty Space


"They always told me to dream, to shoot for the stars,
but the view is pointless without anyone to share it with.

It's making me wonder what good is here?
shining in such an empty space" 

Finals are in session and I'm dying, also I've been realizing lately that I have no true best friend(s) and its been making me sad but it's also my own fault which is why I can't wallow in self pity too long about it. When finals are over, daily soul doodles are coming back (:

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Another beautiful piece. You are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing this with us. It's hard to go to school. A lot of pressure is put on getting good grades and overachieving. Friendships are put on hold or set aside entirely, just to get by. It's not your own fault. Maintaining relationships is hard work on BOTH sides. Sometimes the loneliness gets to you and you ask "why?" Just do what you have to do to be ok. (I recommend chocolate.) And don't ever forget you're a special and LOVED person and all the feelings rolling around inside you are important and natural. Don't undervalue yourself. We're rooting for you!
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you utterly talented, beautiful human, if you ever loose your hands i will cry.
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Hey Tato,

With finals looming for most us (I included), other than the usual stay focus and study, don’t stress so much on it either. The results tend to be so much better I can assure to that.

And though I can’t really say anything about the situation, I hope you are doing alright regardless. Sometimes people come and go in our life yet it opens up opportunities that you wouldn’t expect. I’m certain there are some true good hearted people for you to know out there, you just have to be willing to find it out. I can definitely attest to this as a person who didn’t expect to find any friend since going to college but ended up finding people I can truly relate to. So just try to keep yourself up, and focus on your classes for right now. I’m rooting for you Tato!
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Stunning work! 
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Cool art :) good luck w/ finals :)
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It's beautiful! Good luck with your finals <3
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Wonderful art, stay strong my dear. We all stay with you!
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That feeling is shared by many.
But it doesn't take away any shine from what you do, who you are, what good you bring even to remote strangers like us here.
And while it is painful to be missing someone to truly share with, it is worse to not have any light of your own to share at all, even with someone by your side.
As long as you get to smile from what you do, from who you are, you'll eventually touch someone who'd like to share more with whom they see, rather than feeling empty for having only tried to fill that space.
I've known the emptiness of both, and I find an empty self is worse than an empty space, if my experience may be of any help.
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That looks amazing!! Good luck on finals m8 : )
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Your art is really strong and meaningful, and please don´t feel so down. Before getting like that, think about what you live for. Eventually a little hope will appear <3 Stay strong, okay?
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Ok yeah I totally felt the best friend struggle a year ago but then I realized I have a few close friends who are amazing and perfect and I don't need to pick a "best" one and it has made my life better. Also I'm dating one of them now so that's always a plus

Good luck with everything and it's great to see you back!! :)
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this is so beautiful *____*
goodluck with finals friendo!! you can do this!!
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Good luck with finals!

(I'll be your friend if ya want :)
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Beautiful! I love when you night skies!
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I understand how you feel. Like you, I have no true best friends either. nd although this piece may reflect that, don't forget that there is a tranquility to everything, even in the vast emptiness of the abyss...   Sweating a little...    

It's never your fault; good luck on finals!  :D (Big Grin)  Hug   
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ohh new wallpaper
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It is never your fault! But good luck on finals! :)

Beautiful piece by the way. Very symbolic and relatable.
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