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[364] Hopeless Romantic


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--- Can't help but try again ---



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f in the chat for my boy

he got jojo'd

I still want this.

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beautiful artwork my guy.

i would give you a badge if i had core.

Jue-Arts's avatar

Wow, this drawing has so many emotions.. This one really touched me! Love in the Air

Alistu's avatar

I just came here from having seen dA share your piece on facebook. It really does evoke quite a lot of emotion. Well done.

CanelaRose's avatar

This is gorgeous.

RireDeCire's avatar

The light effect is amazing, your work is beautiful.


Im interested in this piece. Id like to buy it but Im hoping you can improve the resolution. Id like it to be at least several MBs that way I can get a nice print made.

Let me know if thjs is possible and how much.


Oh, it hurts my heart it's a beautiful and honest artwork I hope you will sell it for a very good price <But if you need me to let you know how to earn a lot of money for free .PM to find more

He gonna get a jojo stand

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Oh man. I had to take a double-take on the piece! I just noticed the broken arrows already embedded in their chest to symbolize past love. Amazing.

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yeah man you are right.. Sharp eyes

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How it hurts to be romantic? I'm a man, i can relate to this feeling...

biscuitsryum21's avatar

This is beautiful. Melancholy in its tangible form.

IHasVelocity's avatar

I wonder when that arrow is going to pierce my grey skin and give me fire again. Love your art, it frames society perfectly.

Domus-Vocis's avatar

Oh my God, this is spectacular! You belong in a museum, my talented friend! <3 <3 <3

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well drawn, love the colourworks

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Beautiful!! The way you use symbolism is just amazing.

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