[349] Red and Blue
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I really have no idea as to what I was doing or what I'm trying to convey here. LOL. Comments enabled, give me your captions! 


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Comments (27)
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mouseanderson|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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WintColden|Student Artist
Love it, like usual
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TsuchimikadoArima|Student General Artist
finding a way to hide my broken wings beneath a sky blue curtain.

there, a caption XD
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"Evil slowly taking over me." :iconhellmoplz:

BEAUTIFUL work~! :iconkawaiipandaplz:
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Withertoad|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The world she knew crumbled to dust
Her emotions battled each other
Leaving her surrounded in chaos
So, she decided to grow wings
And fly away, leaving everything behind.
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Celestial-CoreEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
"She gave in to the hues
the heat of read and cool of blue;
She was one as to go and fly
yet she was mocked and burned by and by.

Now she walks with tears on her face
staggering further at a crippling pace
She continues on as one can only do
Hoping for a place beyond red and blue."

not it sure if it makes much sense but this is what I came up with in the moment. Sort of over a sensitive person, an angel in this case, who cares for so much yet stresses herself too often. Tears of sorrow, and the containment of rage that stresses her to the point of losing her feathers. Yet she still stands, on a hope that there can be unison in finding a harmony from the rage & sorrow she is facing.
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LightinLyn|Professional Traditional Artist
you be called into darkness
you'll shatter in fire
you'll be ripped and tared into shreds - right before your very own eyes
but it comes as no surprise - did you not call for me
call for the pain
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EverybodysCupOfTea|Hobbyist Photographer
It's absolutely wonderful. :) :heart:
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So pretty
Great job!
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HazelRose3637|Professional General Artist
The pain becomes overwhelming. I must not give up...no matter how hard it is.
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Willowpelt123's avatar
When it hurts,
She endures it.
When she's sad,
She smiles.
She's lost it all,
But still holds on.
And she doesn't know why.
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leonaskos1|Hobbyist Writer
Broken wings, broken dreams
Made to fly but stuck to the ground
Traped in a cage of flesh and bones
Reaching out for an escape
And when you find it
You're afraid to pull the trigger
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Red vs Red and Blue vs Blue, it's I against I and Me Against You.
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Violets are blue. Roses are red. Living like this we were already dead....
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Kaossolver|Hobbyist Digital Artist

"She endured many long hours of pain and suffering, but once it was behind her she had finally learned to fly."

I'm not sure if it's good or cringy or what. I'll just let you decide. -_-
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WOW! So good!:D (Big Grin) 
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I can't come up with a good caption
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Fayire|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where purple is stained.
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Spark567|Student General Artist
Yeah 💜
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Fayire|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I love the artwork 💜
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Spark567|Student General Artist
Your welcome,and i love the purple 💜
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