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[237] Imagine


--- It's a sort of paradox. Because within the confines of these pages, I can be boundless. 

Happy day! I just recently hit 1k followers on tumblr! The only thing left that hasn't hit 1k is my twitter (my facebook doesn't count). I believeee!!
And I just want to say, I'm glad you guys like my work to share my art/follow me on my other sites. It means so much! C: 
Also heads up, I legit won't be answering any comments, questions anything this coming week. It's my last week of college and I don't want to be distracted. Do not worry however, once I return I will read them all (though I may not respond) and I appreciate that you guys give the time to even write me something! 

365 doodles for the soul: click for all daily doodles

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Aenwynn's avatar
Your art is beautiful! A captivating way of using colours; really nice :D
ZMastah94's avatar
Such nice work! ^w^
EllieEddsworldBlack's avatar
Your Pics are amazing!!!! Good Job!!!!Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] 
JCFantin's avatar
Dreammy! Loved it!
When-Is-My-Adventure's avatar
This is amazing! 😊
DreamingofDarkhorses's avatar
Beautiful! I love it!!! Keep up the brilliant work!!
Pereyga's avatar
I love staring at written pages and hallucinating wild things like these :D
Great composition
Ururuty's avatar
OatlyToad's avatar
So full of imagination and stories that hold so many friends.
RandomDragonArtist's avatar
draaaagooonnsss Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
MabelGleeful01's avatar
Absolutely pretty! Beautiful image of imagination.
LeMalDeLInfini's avatar
Your work is so beautiful and the things you draw about are so original and inspiring! It makes me want to stare at your art all day long :D 
mcptato's avatar
Aww thank you so much (: 
botsu1x's avatar
Best paradox to be lost in
botsu1x's avatar
I love the lighting, amazing job as always, by any chance, have you worked on any poems lately?
TheDramaticSkull's avatar
Man, pop-up books are getting pretty advanced.
mcptato's avatar
(but like actually I hope they do some cool interactive books with VR, I think that could be super successful) 
TheDramaticSkull's avatar
Its already a thing! Its called the Wonder Book. Jerma made a few videos about it. They're pretty funny. ^.^…
TheDramaticSkull's avatar
Well, its not really VR but its similar.
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