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[233] Depression

--- It's more than just a sadness

For one of my college abnormal psych classes I'm doing a project based on 4 different mental illnesses. Essentially I am making informative fliers with images on them. This is not even the finished image, its more of the thumbnail/draft for what I plan on creating. Below is information for I would add on the flier itself. This information will also need to be refined before putting it on a flier. 

What is Depression?
    Depression is a form of mood disorder. It results in constant feelings of sadness or lost interest that persists long enough to affect how an individual may behave, think and can cause a lot of emotional and physical issues that hinder their everyday life. 

    They include but are not limited to: feelings or thoughts involving sadness, emptiness, hopelessness and suicidality. Physical changes like notably loss or gain of appetite, insomnia or over sleeping or overall lack of energy. Drastic change in daily habits for example, hanging out with friends, sports or general interests may diminish and these activities may no longer be satisfying or halted. 

Risk Factors
    Teens to people in their 30s are the most common demographic to get depression. 

What you can do
     See your primary care doctor who can refer you to a mental health specialist. Info that may be of use; know the symptoms you've experienced and have. Any life changes, stress. Medication and anything else that may be important to the health care provider.

Information retrieved from and the DSM-V

As a sidenote: Your mental illness shouldn't define you. Try and not treat mental illness as an adjective, treat it as a noun. You are not your mental illness. Switching your mentality from "I am depressed" to "I have depression" is a wonderful way to look at your mental illness and fight against it. This goes for almost all mental illnesses not just depression. 


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I myself never felt these symptoms neither have a meet a person with said symptoms. And I wish that I could at least help one person but ai know I'm not the correct person for the job.

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The terrible pain you feel after you step on a Lego.

MysteriousP4R4D0X's avatar

It’s okay, dude. I’m here for you. Would you like some iced coffee?

gnoscobrown's avatar
Absolutely brilliant! I wish I had been inclined to do some concept art in my ab.psych. class; maybe it would have helped with the diagnosis items on exams. This image is a beautiful portrayal of a thing without intrinsic beauty. Well done!
MAGAngel's avatar
This is excellent! 
II-Dragonlady-II's avatar
Very strong piece :nod:
In my opinion you captured the feeling of true depression very well ... like a thick dark cloud surrounding your mind & making you feel very down...
Thanks for sharing this & calling attention to a very important topic like this :heart:
The-Emmeranne's avatar
While I really appreciate the side note and drawing attention to a very important subject, he looks very...... off. I mean general anatomy. I'm not a anatomy master but his body is very strange. The legs looks really short and the head a little big and unproportional or was everything on purpose? :o 
II-Dragonlady-II's avatar
I can't speak for the artist but in my opinion the anatomy looks quite fine :nod:
I guess it's the perspective, the caved pose, the clouds & the water where his feet are in which give an impression of "compression" and yes, maybe "shortness" in some parts ;)
Maybe the boy's just a lil' younger ... or it's the artist's very own style of human drawing :aww:
wojciechwux's avatar
I freaking love it!
Frakow's avatar
This is exactly the same feeling I felt when I had a fight with a girl known on Wattpad
AtropaGrimm's avatar
Yet another stunning piece,  you have not just demonstrated your usual mastery over colour and lighting but the whole composition speaks so deeply to the theme
MabelGleeful01's avatar
You captured the feeling perfectly man! Good job.
DoveStation's avatar
My psychologist always says very similar things to your sidenote to me, it was nice to read it. :aww:

While I suffer from anxiety, I think you captured very well how depression is like. I think the legs could be a bit longer, but I know this piece is not about anatomy. The idea is portraying and describing a very important mental illness and about delivering a message, and I think you're doing it very well. :)
Cestu's avatar captured it exactly how it feels every time it hits me.  It's like a cloud or an ever going storm that never truly passes and later bursts out of you.  What you really need is an umbrella but of course....that's not always available.
Demon0082's avatar
i have it and im dealing with it.
thank you for this picture.
terasaphirea's avatar
Thank you for your sidenote. Strong words, which do bring up some thoughts about them.
pqndora's avatar
it feels exactly like the picture holy crap, you get it so well
botsu1x's avatar
Don't let the clouds block the path. You may be lost, but you will soon find a way out. But it always goes by better if you have one extending an arm.

I'm here for ya if you ever need me :)
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