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Crash Bandicoot: N. Dustrialized



Yes, it's been a little while since I submitted stuff, you can blame school-time for that. Now that it's the freakin' weekend I can submit more of the stuff I already drew around that time!:dance:

"Crash Bandicoot: N. Dustrialized" is an original story about Crash Bandicoot teaming up with my fan character, Jade Tiger, to stop a new threat by Dr. Cortex, who has turned all of the islands & cities into a polluted workzone. N. Dustries, which are powered by none other than Power Crystals, are causing this, & Dr. N. Trap, my evil fan character, will try all she can to stop Crash & his friends from collecting the Power Crystals by building & setting her unique traps all around.

Aku Aku & Crash keep a close eye out for Jade. They never seen her in action before & she wants to get back at Cortex for all he's done for the past years(don't we all ;)). She proves to be quite the adventurer on the way. The trio will face baddies old & new, & they'll use zany vehicles, too.

And yes, that's DA BAZOOKA CRASH IZ HOLDIN'!!! GOIN'CLASSIC!! :headbang:


Crash, Dr.Cortex (C) to Activision, Jade, N. Trap (C) to me.
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Pretty bad-A'! Certainly has the basis for a big comback story for Crash should it ever hapepen...