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Looking back, a personal review

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Published: January 1, 2014
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Been meaning to make one of these for awhile now.

Sleeping Spike - My first real sculpt I ever did way back in 2011. When I first made this little guy I was quite happy with him, still am I guess, but the thing I'd mainly change would be making him much bigger and make the face less pointy. 

Xjuan - This was my first real request in a way, poor little zebra. This figure was and I think still is one of my best, mainly because of the eyes. They came out perfectly and I've no idea how I actually got them to look like that, just luck I guess. :)

Project Horizons group - Wow, I can't believe I actually did all these back to back. A test of my skill to see how much I could get done in a short time and the first set of figures as a whole I really felt proud of. Later won in a charity auction and given to Somber himself if I remember correctly. Don't know if he still has them. Also learnt here of my hatred of Alicorns with this set :)

Xmas group shot - Some of the figures I made for some friends for Christmas last year, my first figure to get posted on to EqD and making clothing/extra details. The crown came out well on Platinum but if I could I go back and change it I'd have it resting on her head better. Really happy with making these, inspiring me to make more with clothing/armour.

Featherjoy - My first real sculpt of a none pony since my little Spike way back at the start, I liked the way the wings came out on this. But I'm not entirely happy with the eyes. But I've still not got them down yet, I think that's my final stopping block that's holding me back. But practice I guess.

Chancellor Featherjoy - Now finally after two years I've started to use a armature. I really should've started a long time ago with these and once again I feel like the eyes are the only thing that holding this figure back. I think it's my best piece of work that I've done to date.

I hear it's good to look back at what you've done and where you've improved. I think it's safe to say that I have improved over the years and I can't wait to see where I go. Would be good if I could make something out of this little hobby of mine. But for now, I'm just gonna go at my own pace.
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dawww dat cute dont set me on fire ^^~