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Disney's Leverage

A Show that I would totally watch.
I was practicing drawing the princesses when this idea popped into my head. It features my favorite princesses; Belle, Rapunzel, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Jasmine.
Inked traditionally, colored in Photoshop CS3

I had bigger plans than this, but I'm going to have to set it aside for now and maybe come back to it.
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I love the fact that you choose Mulan as the Mastermind. She DOES have a bigger picture in her mind, like how she blew up the mountain and how she tricked Shan Yu. However, I think Pocahontas is too honest to be the Grifter. Meg or Esmeralda would probably suits better. Meg would be a nice Sterling, too. It suddenly occurs to me that Doctor Facilier would make a great Chaos, even though he is not a princess. lol. 
Anyway, I love your work. The art piece itself is so beautiful, and so is the concept.
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I really like the point about Pocahontas. I could see Meg and Esmerelda doing very well as grifters. I never thought about the side characters like Sterling and Chaos. That would be fun to add!

Thank you very much!
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Mula no is a brain she  is strong it!!!  I just started watching the show and combining it with Disney is pure genius!
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Aw thanks! I'll watch Leverage over and over again :)
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I almost want to write an AU Disney princess fic BASED on this fan art of yours. I love the idea so much. 
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Let me know if you do, I would totally read it! 
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If I ever do I shall let you know. :) 
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okay, this is completely awesome :) i love you haha :D
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amazingly done!
seriously it is brilliant
...only thing in my opinion pocahontas and mulan should have been swapped...cause you know mulan pretended to be a guy :D
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I could see that one too. I think I chose Mulan because she's so smart at planning things and thinking on her feet. They were all tough choices to make :P
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reading comments, mine matches one of them :P
can i have rapunzel's outfit and jasmine's pants??
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I know! I have pants like Jasmine's that i got a looonng time ago, so that's what I was thinking of when I drew this :)
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Awesome pic I love pretty much all of these princesses and the tv show my line up would be
Brains: Belle
Grifter: Aurora
Thief: Jasmine
Hacker: Ariel or Rapunzel or Cinderella
Hitter: Mulan
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that's interesting that you would pick Aurora as a grifter; what makes that choice? Same with Cinderella for the hacker.
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For Aurora I'd make her the grifter because she's pretty and would probably be good at getting what she wants because with her family not seeing her for 16 years she probably is good at convincing people to do what she want.
For Cinderella I'm not sure I really just needed a princess for it and there aren't many other really smart princesses but now that I think about it I think Tiana would be good instead of Cinderella
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thanks! and thanks for the fav!
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Even though I haven't seen all the movies, this would be my lineup:

Hitter-Mulan (she did go to war like Eliot)
Thief-maybe Jasmine (but becuase she led such a sheltered life, she didn't know better, not unlike Parker who has very weak social skills)
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