SO it's come to that time of year, where all the themes have been suggested and now we just need your votes.

We have 4 themes a year, one for each season. When these themes are selected , any photo or cosplay * related to this theme will be posted in our feature folder during the theme season! The themes are a fun and not compulsory.

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Theme Masterpost: Cardverse HalloweenHi,
I'm sorry we've been neglectful! I'll start off my updates with a belated theme masterpost for our Summer and Autumn themes of 2014!
Summer 2014: Cardverse
Pair of Jokers - Cardverse by LadyEmber101MCM October 2012 Photoshoot - AU Hetalia by canineshadowloverMCM October 2012 Photoshoot - AU Hetalia 2 by canineshadowlover:thumb476229433::thumb476229947::thumb476230451:[Cardverse APH] America - Here's my kingdom by mariasachan[Cardverse] - Spade's Queen by KasumiVI[Cardverse] - Queen nd' King by KasumiVIThe Queen Of Clubs by 8WaveTheSwallow8:thumb476231023:
Autumn 2014: Halloween
'Go away your un-awesomeness bothers me' by Dani-PanicAPH: The Cabin Boy by ECCGMCM October 2012 Photoshoot - Austria and Hungary4 by canineshadowloverMCM October 2012 Photoshoot - Austria and Hungary3 by canineshadowloverMCM October 2012 Photoshoot - Austria and Hungary2 by canineshadowloverMCM October 2012 Photoshoot - Austria and Hungary by canineshadowloverEngland Hetaween by FrauDokuFrance Hetaween by FrauDokuThis is Halloween... - France cosplay by Little-Innocence:thumb268421902:Halloween Canada cosplay by JulesieHalloween Canada cosplay 2 by Julesie221B by hanskinuskijWouldn't you like to see something strange? by hanskinuskijReal vampires use Pepsodent by hanskinuskijFrance cosplaying as Peter Pan by ZeroKing2015She's a pirate by NeidalRuekka french Ghost by FrauDokuHETALIA - Dapper as always my dear~ by MellowSharkHETALIA - Sherlock England/Sealand by MellowShark:thumb448060025::thumb448061912::thumb448062767:Decay by Claremon:thumb367366898::thumb283940702:Aph: The Killer in Orange by elliluna:thumb28009464

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