Hey all, I apologise for being neglectful.

We do have an upcoming Hetalia meet, it's to celebrate Chinese New Year in London! From experience, I know it's a bad idea to do the weekend closest to Chinese New Year (on the 19th) so we'll be celebrating it a little bit earlier this year; it's two weeks earlier due to Valentines.

Date: Saturday 7th February, 2015
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: London, Leicester Square - At the marble benches on the corner of Leicester Square closest to M&M World.

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

This is how long we'll wait for people to arrive. During this time, we will take photos of each other and use this opportunity to have a casual photoshoot. You're welcome to make requests on the day as our meets in London are never as big as our MCM convention ones. Once the wait is over, one of the Admins will call for your attention and introduce you to our event and to the Admins in attendance that can help you, they will also do a quick run through of the rules to make sure everyone's aware of them.

We will then proceed towards China Town, to our designated Chinese restaurant~ SirEgglington knows the way so he's happy to lead you!

11:45 AM - 12:00 PM

The plan is to have lunch at Wong Kei, a Chinese restaurant that SirEgglington has been going to during cosplay meets since 2008; it's just outside China Town. It's a lovely place that usually has plenty of tables available, and it's perfect for large groups (such as cosplay meets) to go to.

Due to complaints last year, we'd like to ask that you only join us for lunch at Wong Kei if you enjoy or respect Chinese culture, customs, and cuisine; as people were rather rude, disrespectful, and embarrassing last year. There are plenty of other restaurants around such as Italian restaurants and fast food places such as Subway and KFC, and Cafés around.

After Lunch (Around 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM)

After lunch, the Admins will bring anyone interested to TokyoToys and we will take it in turns to explore it in small groups. It's a rather small shop in what's left of Trocadero so let's not all bungle in there, shall we?

TokyoToys is a shop that sells anime, manga, cosplay, figurines, among other things. Trocadero does have a couple more shops of interest for you guys to visit while you wait your turn to go into TokyoToys; we will meet just outside the entrance of Trocadero once you've all finished browsing and possibly buying things.

Following TokyoToys, we can tour around China Town and explore the shops there. Please be respectful while touring the shops, there's shops containing Chinese styled clothing, trinkets, food, and snacks; along with other Asian cultured things such as Taiwanese bubble tea, Japanese snacks and Korean snacks. There is also Purikura, a cute photo booth where you can get sticker photos of yourself and put sparkly things and stamps on them on a computer~

You are recommended to do this in small groups because it's likely you'll be left behind somewhere if we do this as a large group; make sure someone in your group knows the way to the arcade we'll be moving onto!

Following China Town is Las Vegas, an arcade in Soho that a lot of cosplayers and such frequent. It has shooting games, guitar hero, racing games, DDR, a para machine, Technika Q, among others.

And that's where meet stuff finishes up~ So you can do what you want until you have to go home. ♥


We've noticed people pretending/acting like Admins. Please can you not do this as it can sometimes give our team a bad image if people don't know you're not an Admin. You can usually recognise an Admin by the ID badge they wear; it looks like this. If they don't have a badge (have forgotten it), they will likely be accompanied by someone who has a badge - And that person can confirm to you whether the badgeless person claiming to be an Admin is an Admin or not~

Obviously everyone below is subject to whether they can attend and want to help host~ Admin Roles:
Kittzi - Founder
SirEgglington - Head Admin
Virtualinkstamp - Admin, Animal Welfare Admin, & Games Host
Peanut-Mochi - Admin & Photoshoot Organiser/Host
cursingviolist - Admin, Communications Officer, Photoshoot Host, & Games Host
NotSoAdam - Admin
Burrypo - Admin, First Aid Admin, & Photoshoot Assistant
Sockseevil - Admin, Group Counsellor, & Photoshoot Assistant
jillyred Admin, Photoshoot & Games Host
FranceyPantsLOL - Admin
Subject-Awesome - Admin
Justan0therwallflower - Admin Assistant (Temporary Leave)
Lunastellaris - Helper

For our EVENT RULES, you can read them in the journal here
LunaAngel-Eclipse Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
How much money would we have to bring for the meal?
LunaAngel-Eclipse Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Turns out I only needed like £3 XD
PrincessLilly136 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015
Would that I could join! My only Hetalia companion in Montreal is the Gilbird my ex gave me
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