Gallery Folders, Explained (Update: 02/01/2015)
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Do not remove photos only to resubmit them again. We have logs and such, and we'll delete or decline any resubmissions!

If you have any suggestions, please note the group to let us know!

Featured: Each season, we'll be introducing a new theme for the group to appreciate~ MCM-Hetalia-People's Featured folder showcases this current theme to appreciate. You can submit any cosplay photo deviation containing this theme; the only restriction is at least half of the models in the photo need to be part of the theme.

You should only submit your best work here. This means:
- No WIPs, or anything incomplete.
- No test photos.
- No wig, prop, or costume previews.
- Nothing taken messily in your garden or living room.
However, anything taken within your home or in your back garden is welcome provided it's not just a preview pic!

Convention Folders: For photographs taken during UK Conventions that we hosted gatherings at! We don't host gatherings at every single UK convention so try to be attentive to whether it's a convention we've hosted at or not.

London Meets - 2014: Photographs taken during our meets in the last year.

London Meets - 2010-2013: Meets we've hosted in London in the past.

Manchester - 2012-2013: Photographs taken during NW-Hetalians's meets in Manchester, during our affiliation with them as a Hetalia Meet Group in 2012 and 2013.

Birmingham - 2013: Photographs taken during Midlander Hetalians' meets in Birmingham, during our affiliation with them as a Hetalia Meet Group in 2013.

Glasgow - 2013-2015: Photographs taken during Hetalia Meet Glasgow's meets in Glasgow, during our affiliation with them as a Hetalia Meet Group in 2013 and presently.

Other Meets + Cons: Hetalia cosplay photographs taken during any meets we didn't host, or any conventions we didn't make gatherings at. This includes any MCM events we didn't cover, or any Hetalia Day meets we didn't organise. Private gatherings, photo-shoots, or meets belong in the 'UK Hetalia' folder.

UK HETALIA Cosplay: Hetalia cosplay photographs taken in the UK at any private photo-shoots, gatherings/meets/'hang-outs', or anything else that wouldn't be classified as an actual cosplay event or convention.

Previews, WIPs, and Home or Garden Previews: Preview cosplay photographs, work-in-progress, or photographs taken at your home or in your garden.

Cosplay Showcase for UK Visitors or Enthusiasts: We have many visitors to the UK that enjoy Hetalia as a series, and cosplay from it. Just like the UK's 'Other Hetalia Cosplay' folder, this folder is here for those that aren't residents of the UK to showcase anything that doesn't belong in our convention or meet folders.

Non-Cosplay Artwork: For Hetalia-themed artwork created by the members of MCM-Hetalia-People. This could be anything from poetry, fan-fiction, sketches, digital artwork, vector, journal CSS, videos, etc.! Anything that isn't cosplay, but is Hetalia-related, belongs here!

Regarding Ask Replies

We do not accept ask replies into any of our folders. This includes but is not limited to Photo's or art work drawn to reply to a question asked. However we will accept artwork and Cosplay photos associated the ask account which fit the criteria of the other folders. e.g Promo shots of Cosplay. These should be filed in the most suitable folder.
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