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Hello ! I’ve looked at your works, and I really like what you do. Do you know about the aotnorequiem project? It's a team of artists who are doing an alternative ending of the manga "Attack on Titan". There are at least 30 members. They already dropped the first part which is excellent. And there is another team that adapts the project into an anime of which I am part of it. We have a big team. We are still recruiting!

All scenes of the animation will be broken down to sections that will be given to a group of the keyframes/in-betweening/colorists/background artists. Assignments will be suited for each artists preferences, capabilities, style and schedule! No single artist should have an unmanageable work load considering the number of our members. This first part of the anime won't have a deadline as we don't have a precedent for this kind of project , future parts might have deadlines using part 1 production as reference. There's no rush, no pressure!

There's a huge potential, it can make history. Especially since it has already reached Japan (for the manga, there's a video about it). So if the anime is well done, it would be so huge. We do this by not denigrating the original work and we are respecting the author's work. We want to propose a different ending like a "what if ?" but that will never replace the original one. It’s made by pleasure and passion. What do you think?