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imouto ransomware part 1

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I DID get an eMail saying that at 1:15 p.m., today, my data would be corrupted if I didn't pay $980 in bitcoins to an address they sent. There was also an eMail address.

Part of me is almost sure it's a tasteless hoax, as I've been getting a lot of crap in eMail (aside from the usual junk mail, I also found I've been impersonated by some joes using my name & avatar to give others a hard time ,resulting in me getting blocked by said targets. I found one of these messages and explained to the target that I don't know what it means because I did not write the message. )

I also do not have the kind of data these ransomware attacks target, as far as I know. If printer material is meant, well, I can reinstall the word processor and I haven't used the printer or the word processor in a good long time.

I have been preparing to restart using a new username and password and rebuilding from a list of addresses (some websites are now obsolete to me.). My old entry data is passe anyhow.

I have NO desire to spend the kind of money demanded, esp. if it's just a hoax to rattle me. Part of me is sure it is...but the rest of me is preparing to rebuild.
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Forgot the URL of the video:
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Take a look at the "rensenware" that danooct1 went over on YouTube! It has you play touhou on insane to an obscene amount of points to save your data!
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Dat shocked face XDDD
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Reminds me of the recent WannaCry ransomware. Did you take inspiration from it?