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When you ask your friends if they watch anime

draw with firealpaca.

I also use aftereffects to add in some minimal animation and music for this comic :)…
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I know some names from some classic animes that I don't watch. :)

But I'm more interested in the bromance/ Shounen-ai/ Yaoi ones ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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ONE PUNCH!!!! wait... I don't watch that anime.... lmao
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The truth... it hurts so much......
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This reminds me of one of my friends XD *where are you Lexi?*
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But I do watch some anime
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I don't watch One Punch Man, sorry ^^;
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Anyone who refers anime as a cartoon gets a deadly glare from every otaku in a 100m radius.
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b-but the oppai D.O : Please No 
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Aww, I feel you...
- Star
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saitama sensei you so cool T~T hik hik (crying)
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AWWWWW!!! You poor thing! I watched one punch man! I do! I care, I matter, I exist! I talk about one punch man with you! You must find me! I am in the Anime conventions, and cafés too!
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this is so embarrassing thats why i dont talk with friends ever about any thing enfact that,s why i don't have any friends
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b-but I like Saitama ;~;
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Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
i know that feeling..
everytime...[EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon 
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Not knowing One Punch Man should be a crime! >_<
But seriously, these kind of people… I don't even want to talk to them. I feel lucky because most of my friends and classmates actually like animes and the others don't disrespect them. :/
Why the fuck do a lot of people think, everything that's drawn is a cartoon?
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Not every cartoon has to be based on humor, if it's semi-realistic or non-realistic and animated it automatically becomes a cartoon basing on the definition
It might be an obsolete term, animation/animated media sounds much better but it is still correct, maybe it's better to tell people that cartoons are not always satire than try to convince them that anime are not cartoons.
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really cute comic btw
^.^ happy (belated) new year
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story of my life :'(
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