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Trippy Bird

A clone of Flappy Bird, "TRIPPY BIRD"

Vanilla FLA Source code (no sound/music/graphic) download in my blog…
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what happen to the sound
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my new high score is now 494
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why do you have flash bangs when transforming... i got migraine and have the point 188... lol
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lol john try to beat my score of 344 F3
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148 and the table came and messed me up! I laughed at "Thiz gamez has ingame purchesez?!"
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LOL i got 55 whoa
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best game ever lol
i died at 137 tho, i laughed when the 'tolong' is out LOL
kenjensonyuan's avatar
i got 344 now lol
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I started laughing at "Durian" XD

//gets thumb code to place on my profile so I can play it whenever I feel like laughing ;u;
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I got 175 woo!
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How the hell did I get 73 o-o
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lucu gamenya berubah2 jadi berbagai benda
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This is 4000X better than Flappy Bird ^^ 
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I put it in its own collection just because I love it so much.
Well done!
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ahahaha this is awesome! XD
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The table is the worst.
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