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The Incredible Iron

My friends told me some other usage of iron.
They really did this...
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Did they get hurt? :?
momo-ru's avatar a!
mclelun's avatar
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haha I love it's awesome ( I did try the hair thing, it worked pretty good haha)
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sad thing is, i actually did all 3 of these things whe i was a young in...except i cooked PANCAKES ahaaaa
i remember i was lashed with a belt after that little stunt....x.x
great pic btw!i thought it was quite humorous!
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They cooked? That's Insane.
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I've actually seen people straighten their hair with irons...usually looks awful lol.
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lol~the maid that straight_ing hair,damn cute!
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I may need to try this...
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lol, dun try.
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walao,betul tak,.cooking?
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betul, i have friends use it to fry egg.
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walao,then that iron still can use meh...@.@
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kyaaa..xDD funny..xD
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